DWM magazine has learned that Silver Line Windows will close its Fall River, Mass., facility in 60 days. In a letter on March 12, Silver Line president Randy Iles said that although the company has taken steps that have resulted in significant growth in its market share this is not enough in these difficult times.”Market share growth cannot enable any business to be successful when the overall size of the market declines as rapidly as the housing industry,” he said. “Costs must be lowered to offset the loss in volume. As a result, we have eliminated a number of positions, restricted discretionary spending and reduced manufacturing capacity by closing plants, eliminating shifts and reducing hours.”

He added that although these steps have helped to make Silver Line a stronger company that is more able to withstand this severe downturn in the housing industry, more manufacturing capacity has to be reduced. Thus the Fall River facility will close effective July 12, 2009.

“Please know that decisions of this magnitude are not made lightly,” said Iles. “We do understand the impact this has on employees and their families. Our intent is to be respectful of those who are leaving, to thank them sincerely for their hard work on behalf of Silver Line, and to offer them assistance to accelerate their successful transition into a new position.”

He added that these steps will help the company prepare for a brighter future.

“Silver Line is definitely going to be one of the survivors in our industry. We will get through this; we will be a stronger company, and we will be ready when the market comes back.”

Silver Line spokesperson Maureen McDonough confirmed the news to DWM magazine and when asked where Fall River manufacturing will move she said, “All our plants have the same capabilities so the Fall River business can be moved to other facilities.”

In October 2008 the company announced the closing of its Durham, N.C., plant. (CLICK HERE for that article)


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