Vitro Cristalglass, an affiliate of Vitro in Europe, is working with the community of Madrid for the promotion of Plan Renove, a plan begun in 2008, for window replacements in single and multifamily homes.The company will be working to replace the community’s single-pane windows with double-pane reinforced thermal insulating windows. The plan was authorized by the Government Council for the community of Madrid and agreed upon between Madrid’s Economic and Housing Council and the National Manufacturer’s Association of Insulation Materials (ANDIMAT).

“Through this plan Vitro is offering, to all those interested in substituting their old windows, a wide range of double pane Reinforced Thermal Windows (ATR) that allow for significant energy savings of between 20 and 40 percent, depending on the combination of windows,” says Alberto Gómez, marketing manager for Vitro Cristalglass.

Under this plan, which will provides for a series of subsidies per home, the company estimates that between 11 thousand and 14 thousand houses could benefit from the program.

“Besides having an important impact on energy consumption in Madrid we hope the execution of this plan may serve, to a certain degree, the reactivation of construction affected by the current economic crisis,” adds Gómez.


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