Serious Materials was recognized by President Obama on Monday as he addressed more than one hundred clean energy entrepreneurs and leading researchers at the “Investing in the Clean Energy Economy” event held in Washington, D.C. Highlighting events such as the reopening of Kensington Windows in Pennsylvania, President Obama commended Serious Materials on creating jobs that will aid the recovery of our nation while innovating and creating the technologies that will fuel America’s long-term prosperity.”Serious Materials just reopened a manufacturing plant outside of Pittsburgh. Last year, that factory was shuttered and more than one hundred jobs were lost. The town was devastated. Today, that factory is whirring back to life, and Serious Materials is rehiring the folks who lost their jobs. And these workers will now have a new mission: producing some of the most energy-efficient windows in the world.” (For DWM’s coverage of the re-opening CLICK HERE.)

President Obama also stressed the importance of creating jobs and investing in renewable energy.

“We can remain the world’s leading importer of foreign oil, or we can become the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy. We can allow climate change to wreck unnatural havoc, or we can create jobs preventing its worst effects. We can hand over the jobs of the 21st century to our competitors, or we can create those jobs right here in America,” Obama said.

“Serious Materials is dedicated to reinventing the American building materials industry with a full commitment to green solutions, while reemploying today hundreds and tomorrow thousands of American workers,” said Paul Holland, a partner with Foundation Capital and a board member of Serious Materials, prior to introducing President Obama to the attendees.

Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials added that it is an honor to be recognized as a company focused on saving energy.

“Working to counteract the negative impacts of climate change and saving Americans substantial energy in their homes and offices are essential endeavors, but doing so while recovering jobs for American workers makes me proud of all of our employees beyond words,” he said.


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