Jeff Benney, president of Survivor Technologies, told DWM magazine today that the company will be re-opening in approximately 45 days. The company, formerly owned by parent company Jancor, closed abruptly at the end of October when Jancor filed for bankruptcy. The new company will be called Survivor II Inc., and will relocate from Hillside, N.J., to Elizabeth, N.J., says Benney.

“We will move from the former 200,000-square-foot facility to a more efficient 100,000-square-foot facility,” he says.

Benney says that a group of local businessmen joined with him to form the new company. The group is purchasing the assets, including raw materials, equipment and computers.

“The deals are done with equipment,” says Benney. “We hope to have the move done and re-open in 45 days.”
He adds that the company is starting to contact former dealers as well as new customers.

Prior to the closing, Benney says the company had 330 employees and has hired back 20 thus far and will most likely re-open with about 60 employees.

“Most are pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to come back,” says Benney. “We will have our complete line-up of products.”



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  2. Jeffrey Benney’

    Congratulation on your revival of Survivor and wishing you a long and profitable operation.

  3. Jeff,
    I wish you the greatest success in thia new opportunity. Your definately the man who has Survived.

  4. Jeff,
    I wish you the greatest success in this new opportunity. Your definately the man who has Survived.

  5. Jeff,
    I also want to extend my most sincere congratulations. This explains why my e-mails have been bouncing back to me. Better send me your new e-mail addess. If I were 5 years younger I would send my resume!
    Don’t worry though, I won’t tell the camel jockey you are hiring.


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