I’m always talking about focusing on the good news in our industry, though those stories may be harder to find than the bad. But yesterday I witnessed a whole lot of good news up close.Yesterday Serious Materials reopened the former Kensington Windows facility (CLICK HERE  for that news story), and I was fortunate enough to travel to Vandergrift, Pa., to witness the event.

Among the many in attendance was Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell who best summed up the event.

“In the midst of all the bad news, there is good news and it’s up to us to run with it,” he said. “We’ve always overcome challenges and we can do it again. Take a chance. Don’t wait. Do it now. It will become a self fulfilling prophecy.”

What great advice! Don’t wait-face the challenges now and think of what you can do to make a difference. It may be something small in your facility or it may be hiring more employees so you can create jobs and create opportunities for your company to expand and grow.

Again, Rendell says, “It’s up to us to run with it.”

One particular gentleman, Chuck Wetmore, plant manager for Kensington Windows, was instrumental in the reopening of that facility. Wetmore, concerned about the plight of those workers who lost their jobs, did all he could to find a new owner.

“There would be no way we could have reopened this facility without Chuck,” said Serious president Kevin Surace.

So I encourage you to look to him as both an example and an inspiration to see what you can do to make a difference, and as just another reminder that there is good news to be found.

And I just found out that another former Jancor company, Survivor Technologies, will re-open under new ownership in the next few months. CLICK HERE for that story. We never want to hear about closings but it’s great to hear of two companies that are fighting their way back.

I guess both really are Serious about Surviving. (Sorry, just had to do it.)

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