Yes, I said it-capitalizing on the recession. In other words, finding the silver lining. Like I’ve been saying in recent blogs it is possible for companies to succeed, in spite of today’s economic circumstances. I loved the cover of a magazine that came in the mail this week: Folio, the magazine for Magazine Management. The entire cover was all type saying the following: A recession is a terrible thing to waste: 20 Positive Prescriptions for 2009. What a great statement!

Publishers, like door and window manufacturers, like most companies across America, are suffering in today’s market. Companies are making changes in order to survive.

However, Folio’s editor Matt Kinsman had this to say in his column: “There are too many players demanding your readers’ attention and your advertising dollars to think you can scale back and then just assume your rightful place when things finally turn around.”

The essence of this statement can be applied to your company as well, whether you’re a supplier or a manufacturer. Yes, we have to make changes. Yes, we have to make difficult decisions, whether it be layoffs, plant closings, focusing more on the core markets, etc. What is key to remember is that while doing all this somehow we have to keep being innovative: by developing new products, new marketing campaigns, new creative ways of serving our core customers. This way we won’t be forgotten when things do turn around.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has sent e-mails me thanking me for the positive stories in recent blogs. One reader sent this: “I have read some of your articles and found them uplifting in the hard times we are in.”

Do you have a positive story to share? If so, please e-mail me and I’d love to mention you in a future blog.

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