DWM editor Tara Taffera talked to Kevin Surace, president of Serious Building Materials, yesterday at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Surace gave further details concerning his plans to purchase Republic Windows and the announcement this week that the company purchased Kensington Windows in Pennsylvania.



  1. Hello-
    I was one of the employees who unfortuantely was let go with the closing of Republic Windows. I worked at Republic as a Tool & Die maker for seven years. I definitely enjoyed my job and look forward to the possible acquisition by Serious.
    I would very much hope for an opportunity to be a part what looks to be a incredible company if the acquisition being discussed actually goes through.

    Best regards,

  2. worked 2 years in pt one for Ron Spielman 2 years in casement wrapping,scanning,cleaning casement windows.dean santopoallo was training mgr,and I’d be glad to come back.tk

  3. Hello, I also worked at Republic for two years in the accounting department. I was very pleased to hear
    of the new purchase and possible thought of employment again. I will also say that though most of the
    workers laid off were with the union, some of us were not in the union and did not receive any severance
    packages; but God is good and I hope to return and make the company prospere.

    Thank You,


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