Replacement windows are playing an even bigger role these days when it comes to selling homes!In many markets, sellers will face the toughest competition not from fellow homeowners but from banks and builders. Both will be willing to cut prices dramatically to sell a foreclosed or new home.

To convince buyers that one’s house is worth paying up for, homeowners are advised to make sure that it’s in move-in condition (foreclosures almost certainly won’t be). Real estate experts are advising prospective sellers to make sure that one’s home stands out as opposed to looking like one of those “cookie cutter” homes.

One way to accomplish this is by remodeling with unique looking windows! Windows are a major aspect of any property. They can make a huge impact as to how one’s property looks and feels. With new windows, any homeowner can make his or her home truly stand out from the crowd giving the property a classy and unique look that boasts pride of ownership.

For this reason, the higher-end replacement window market segment will see a much higher amount of growth than the overall window market in general. One might think that in this tough market, economy windows will be the ones selling. And yes, the economy market segment will always be there. But the higher end of the market is an area that is growing. Customers want options: color, style, grids, high performance glass, etc. In this credit stressed market, they type of customer who can afford to buy is oftentimes also the type of customer who can afford to buy whatever type of windows he or she wants!

This brings to mind the importance of marketing. I am often surprised to see that even some of the larger window companies often lack a marketing function. The sales manager is busy managing the sales group, but who is doing marketing? Many do not even understand the true role of marketing and just how important it is. The role of the marketing manager is to study this dynamic and ever changing market, determine the types of products that the company should be producing (and at what price points), interface with manufacturing to get the products made, and then design sales aids (and sales training programs) to help the sales people in their quest to convince prospective customers that your window products are better at meeting these needs than any other window on the market at a competitive price.

If I Had Known I Was a Genius hd Understanding what potential customers want to buy is the key. A little market research can go along way. Once an understanding is gained of customer needs and wants, a window sales program can be tailored to match. In short- give the people what they want! Once the whole program is put together, invest heavily in sales training. Don’t just tell the salespeople to “pick up your literature, sales samples and to go forth and sell.” A highly trained sales staff is a highly confident sales staff and confidence sells!

I have seen window companies fail this year, but I also know quite a few that are continuing to grow and gaining significant market share. The ones who are succeeding are the companies that have a sound understanding of the role of marketing within their organization, and they are also investing significant resources into sales training and motivation.

These just happen to be the same window company names that homeowners think of first when they are looking to increase the marketability of their property. Indeed, in this economy, marketing is more important now than ever!

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