Something I read last night struck me so much that I just had to write about it today. I was reading Inc. magazine’s Special Issue, The Inc. 500, and as part of that issue, the magazine interviewed CEOs on various topics. One question they asked was this, “Which line item in your budget would you most like to cut? Henry Kaestner of had the following answer, “Customer credits. This is an indication, no matter how small, that we haven’t done our job of delivering value to the consumer.”

That answer really intrigued me and my thoughts immediately went to door and window warranties. No matter how small the claim, this logic may be applied there as well. We all know that having some claims or credits may be inevitable, but instead of accepting them as part of operating expenses, what if all companies took this approach? In other words, let’s make the best window and strive for no errors so the customer always receives the best value.

This makes me wonder, what do you strive for when it comes to warranty claims?

And if you could strike one thing from your budget what would it be?

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