Last year when I attended a meeting of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, attorney Dan Smith of Bowman and Brooke law firm told attendees they might want to consider having different warranties for different geographic areas. I thought this was interesting idea, so when his presentation was over I turned to the window manufacturer sitting next to me, an employee of one of the top five manufacturers, and asked him if his company had ever considered this and he said no. I suspect this is the case for the majority of manufacturers as well (if I’m wrong, please let me know).

In our upcoming September issue of DWM, an article by Michael Collins of Jordan Knauff and Co. touches on this very topic. Collins notes that in the company’s recent 2007 Window and Door Industry Benchmark Survey, it was discovered that manufacturers who’ve achieved various industry certifications (such as ANSI, Hallmark, the AAMA Gold Label, ASTM, Energy Star®, etc.) also report lower warranty expenses.

This makes sense, but I still wonder, how often does your company update its warranties? Hopefully when you attend meetings or read items like this one it gets you thinking about the warranties you offer. Particularly for national manufacturers, maybe different warranties for windows used in different geographic areas make sense? Just as a one-size-fits all approach to glass is being challenged (click here for that story), maybe a one-size fits all no longer applies to warranties.

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