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Builders FirstSource Announces Plans to Acquire ProBuild

Apr 13th, 2015


$1.63 billion is all it takes to become America’s largest building materials supplier. In a massive deal, Builders FirstSource Inc. will acquire ProBuild Holdings in an all-cash transaction. It took ProBuild nearly 10 years to become big enough to buy. The company was created in 2006 by an investment group and grew to one of […]

Seek Opportunities in the Multi-family and Light Commercial Segments

Dec 8th, 2014

Before the recent recession, many door and window manufacturers avoided the multi-family housing segment.  Their reason was almost always the same – the customers don’t pay fast enough. During the downturn, however, the multi-family market often represented the only available port in a storm.  Many manufacturers found themselves chasing every possible multi-family project, and that […]

Effect of the Energy Boom on Housing

Oct 27th, 2014

Much of the focus on the new energy boom seems to be on the potential negative environmental impacts of fracking and other methods. While we must be mindful of the environmental effects of this energy boom, the same can be said of farming, generating electricity or erecting buildings. One aspect of the energy boom that […]

Building Industry Advisors and DWM to Release Industry Benchmark Survey

Feb 24th, 2014

Building Industry Advisors and Door and Window Market (DWM) magazine have announced the launch of the Door & Window Industry Benchmark Survey for year-end 2013. With the recovery of the industry having gained considerable momentum, now is an ideal time for door and window manufacturers to compare their financial and operational performance with that of […]

Special Series: Securing Equity Capital

Dec 10th, 2013

In DWM’s final story in a series regarding security equity capital, today Mike Collins, partner at Building Industry Partners, warns of mistakes and misconceptions to avoid when searching for a capital provider, and explains ways to improve your capital position. Mistakes to Avoid • Beware of investment bankers calling to say they’ve been asked by […]

Special Series: Securing Equity Capital

Nov 26th, 2013

Most door and window dealers are not large enough to secure equity capital from traditional channels, such as private equity funds, family offices or pension funds, says Michael Collins, partner, Building Industry Advisors. There are, however, often overlooked sources of equity available to smaller businesses. In the next few weeks, DWM will explore with Collins the opportunities available and ways to secure capital.

Near Misses, Near Hits

Oct 28th, 2013

In recent years, there have been several near misses, where an asteroid passed unacceptably close to Earth. That image came to mind recently when a manufacturer shared with me the fact that they track “near misses” when it comes to workplace accidents. All companies are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to […]

Examples of a Bettering Economy

Sep 27th, 2013

There have been a number of blogs recently on the generally positive tone at this year’s GlassBuild. For me, my impressions of the show always start several weeks in advance of the opening of the show doors on the first day. I typically reach out to owners and presidents of door and window companies to […]

Collins Educates NWDA Attendees on Latest Market Stats

Jul 22nd, 2013


When members of the Northeast Window and Door Association (NWDA) met last week in Harrisburg, Pa., for its annual summer meeting, one of the educational speakers was Michael Collins who educated attendees on everything from housing stats to market trends to what we can expect in terms of acquisitions and sales. Collins, an investment banker […]

Standing Room Only

Jun 3rd, 2013

While waiting in a high-rise conference room recently, I did my habitual inspection of the windows in the room and those of the other buildings across the street. Looking out, I noticed a spider web like none that I’ve ever seen. The owner and creator of the web was a creature that we all must […]