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Groupe Eugenie Opens New Showroom Near Montreal

Jul 21st, 2015

Groupe Eugenie president Richard Chauvette prepares to cut the ribbon at his company's new headquarters near Montreal.

Groupe Eugenie, a Quebec-based manufacturer and importer of door and door jamb machinery, hosted a grand opening for its new showroom and offices near Montreal on Friday. The company, which was founded just five years ago, has experienced explosive growth recently, says president Richard Chauvette. He launched JRC Machinery, the distribution side of Groupe Eugenie, in a partnership […]

Grayson Group to Represent EuGenie in U.S.

Dec 18th, 2012

EuGenie, a North American machinery manufacturer of door and door jamb equipment located in Quebec, announced that Amber Grayson, of Grayson Group Sales & Marketing, will serve as the company’s first regional sales representative in the United States. The company aims to expand its reach in the U.S., and the addition of Grayson will allow […]