TRACO Announces Sale of Residential Vinyl Window Division

December 4th, 2008 | Category: Industry News

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TRACO has announced the sale of its residential vinyl replacement division to Echo Windows LLC. Echo Windows will assume all TRACO residential vinyl manufacturing and sales operations, and will continue manufacturing TRACO’s Sienna Series and Power Two composite vinyl/aluminum windows in the Red Oak, Iowa, facility, which was purchased as part of the agreement.

“The decision to sell our vinyl division was a difficult one for us, as TRACO was founded by my parents in 1943 to service the residential market. But, we are certain that we have chosen the best fit for our long-term residential customers,” says Robert P. Randall, president and chief executive officer of TRACO.

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Randall adds, “We felt that the timing was right for a more streamlined corporate strategy, concentrating on the heavy commercial side of our business, which has grown dramatically since the 1980s, and the vinyl division belonged where it would receive the primary attention it deserves.”

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  1. [...] TRACO announced the sale of its residential vinyl replacement division to Echo Windows LLC. Click here for that article. Officials from TRACO have not responded to requests for more information on [...]

  2. Robert P. Randall I guess you might change your story now. I don’t see how what has happened to the great residential Traco windows is the best fit for the customer. It has left alot of companies and customers in a pinch.

  3. Within the last 2 weeks 2 of my picture windows have broken a seal. Am I totally out of luck or is there a chance that qanother company will step in remedy the situation? Maybe Trace commercial division can stand by its loyal customers. I have 2 houses and both houses have Traco windows.

  4. Mr. Randall, I sincerely hope that you did not know that Richard Gilman would sell your division down the tubes. Now, thousands of residental customers have no warranty unless they are holders of the Sienna line. Someone should be responsible for the warranty. I was instructed to call Richard Gilman 312-961-7070. No chance the guy is going to return anyone’s call, EVER! There should be laws against warranty loss. My husband and I had to replace our windows with Traco windows a few at time because of the cost. I have a whole house of them with three that are defective and no warranty to back them and I am really quite upset that this would happen and have to replace them again.

  5. Contact your State Senator. I did and he is contacting the FTC about the loss of warranties for Traco Windows.

  6. Last night, one of my TRACO windows spontaneously shattered with my 9 year old daughter standing in front of it. I am not an engineer; I’m a lawyer, so I cannot say why the window shattered. However, in the process of trying to file a warranty claim with TRACO, I encountered a number of articles and posts similar to this page. It appears that there are many other homeowners having problems with their TRACO windows. It also appears that many TRACO window owners are having problems filing warranty claims, and it is unclear who is liable for the warranty obligations.
    While I may not be an engineer capable of determining the cause of any problems with TRACO windows, I am a lawyer, and I intend to find out exactly who is liable for the TRACO warranty claims, and where and how to file those claims. As I gather information on these questions, I will make it available to anyone interested. If you have any information, such as who you spoke with at TRACO, what they told you, and your experiences with trying to file warranty claims on TRACO windows, I would appreciate it if you would send it to me at

    Now the obligatory lawyer bit:
    Please don’t misunderstand anything above to indicate that I represent you in any way. I’m not soliciting clients, I’m asking for information to help me resolve my own personal problem with my own personal TRACO windows. I am happy to share with you any answers I come up with, and happy to help you file claims of your own, but I am not your attorney.

  7. When I decided to completely remodel my entire house, I had Traco windows installed in Oct. 2006. There is now water coming in three(3) of the windows, and running down the walls, forming puddles on the floor.
    It seems as though the windows (tr-4200 double hung) are not sealing tight enough when closed & locked, therefore allowing rain water to seep inside the closed windows and then forcing it out through the interior framework and onto the window ledge and down the walls.
    On 2 other windows, one of the locks on each window has broken.
    I called Traco at 724-776-7000 and asked to speak to someone in the warranty department. Was transferred to a recorded message that gave MGM as the warranty company. I just called MGM and was told they(MGM) only purchased the 4600 Series. I have the 4200 Series.
    This is unacceptable and someone should be held responsible. I will post updated info, as I follow-up and try different avenues.

  8. I recommend sending a complaint to the PA State Attorney General. You can go through your state rep or directly to the Attorney General. The fact that Traco would sell off their residential window division without any concern for their contract to their existing customer base should not be allowed. The ability to void a lifetime warranty and remain in business is a poor business practice.

  9. I’ve filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, I recommend that anyone owning residential TRACO WINDOWS also file a complaint. If you do not currently have a warranty issue you will more than likely in the future. As one of the earlier posts stated a company that remains in business and just disregards a written contract sold as lifetime warranties (these are even sold as transferable) should be held accountable.

  10. I called Traco this morning to find out how I could have them honor my life time warranty since one of my vinyl windows has developed a crack. Basically I was told that they had no responsibility for the warranty since they had sold their residential division and that I would have to deal with the new company, and by the way, good luck since they could not locate this company. I don’t think I have EVER had such ridiculous conversation with any business. Traco sounded completely like a Fly By Night company. I also have had problems with water leaking through the double hung windows and the Traco sales rep convinced us that it was not so much a Traco window problem as an installation problem…But I now see that others have had the same problems. I also intend to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. How in the world can Traco think that their life time window warranty is void simply because they sold their residential concern? It is wrong for them to remain in business and not keep the contract that they made with their residential customers. They should be held accountable.

  11. I have Traco double hung window in my house and water is getting in between the panes. I have called Traco about this but received no answer. I see that many other people are having the same problem. I think Traco should be responsible to have the window repaired at their expense since they have a lifetime warranty that was not transferable when they sold out to another Company. Possibly a law suit might be the way to go.

  12. I also have Traco 4200 series and have moisture between the glass. I contacted them and they are going to send the glass (no charge just this once) I have 2 other Traco windows in the house and now wish I would have lied and said all 3 had this problem as next time if will cost me for the glass. Also they told me I am responsible to HIRE a company to install the into the frame…. These windows are only 6 years old and aside from them costing way more then reputable windows brands the same size they are junk. I always atleast had the comfort in knowing they had a lifetime warranty against defects. Now I wish I would have just left the old windows in as they were just fine and they were 17 years old. I just wanted vinyl windows when I had vinyl siding installed. I am also going to file a complaint with the bbb.

  13. I also purchaased windows from Traco. After calling several people I finally contacted someone who said they would send me the glass. I lost the number and am having trouble finding it again. They are giving me the run around. If anyone has this number, please let me know. Thanks

  14. I also have issues with Traco windows and I just found out they are out of residential business! RIGHT now so many emotions! HOW can they be in commerical business and not honor the warrenties?!?!?!? I am speechless. About 5 yrs ago, I had 5 windows shatter! I was told this was due to a defect (gases between the glass) BUT at that time Traco did honored the warrenty. Last evening I had the big window in my kitchen shatter! Called Traco and they will respond in 2 days and that they are out of the residential business! And if I read between the lines I think that means they don’t have to honor any warrenties! How do they get away with this? BUT in reading all the comments sounds like I join the many others in this unbelieveable mess… HOW can TRACO not honor their products/warrenties ?!?!?! HELP someone!!!!

  15. My husband and I purchased a home that had all new Traco windows installed. It was a selling point for purchasing the home. Now our windows have moisure between the panes as noted in many of the responses above. If anyone has information to share on how to contact Traco to possibly replace it would be very much appreciated.

  16. We spent 6,000 dollars on new Traco windows for our home in 1999. The front windows were replaced 3 times due to defects. Now the back windows are failing and I am held with no warranty, although our agreement was lifetime transferrable warranty. We are placing the home on the market and the windows in the back look awful…great..just great!

  17. Same boat … dropped $6000.00+ on all new Traco windows in 2005. We were sold on the warranty, the quality, hell they’re even the windows used in the Empire State Building remodel! But here I sit with a renovated Victorian with at least five failing windows, no warranty, no satisfaction, and all of our hard earned money and work down the drain. I too am filling complaints with the BBB and the State Attorney General, and anyone else I can find who may have an impact!!!! ANY company who promotes the ‘Lifetime, Transferable Warranty’ should be held to the flame regardless of whether the company is sold or not. Randall and Gilman are both idiots … taking advantage of the American consumer. Maybe we should load up all of the thousands of worthless POS windows they were supposed to warranty and drop them at their door step.

  18. Purchased windows from Traco over 10 yrs ago and thought(like a dummy) I was covered with their limited life time warranty. Notifying state atty general office and State Senator regarding warranty. Please advise Can we start a classaction law suit against Traco ?? Emil S Grazioli

  19. Within the last 6 years we replaced everything in our home with TRACO windows (the 2nd house we’ve done this to). Last year we had a large picture window crack for no reason… I called TRACO and was told, like everyone else, to call Richard Gillman of Echo. Recently, I had my sister who is a lawyer, write TRACO a letter with the idea that we would file suit if they didn’t respond. TRACO then called me and left a message saying they would like to speak to me. I passed this info on to my sister and she returned the call. After finally reaching a TRACO rep, she was told that legal action wasn’t necessary and all I need to do was file a “claim” (lie). She said we should contact our installer (who she subsequently spoke to) and he would come out and take care of it. I called my installer and he has come out to take measurements and TRACO is replacing the glass. It will cost me $20. to cover the installers gas to pickup the window (he’s installing it for free). The installer is just as irate with TRACO as we are (he sold their windows and now he has to listen to people complain because TRACO sold out). The only reason this was resolved is because it was a picture window… I have a double hung that has fogged and I’m out of luck on that one.
    What have I learned?
    - TRACO only seems to respond when legal action is threatened. If some enterprising lawyer would put an ad into the newspapers asking for people who have been burned by TRACO warranty’s to come forward, he would have a nice little class action law suit against them.
    - Lifetime warranty only means “lifetime” to the customer and not TRACO. Isn’t this “bait and switch”? Fraud?
    - I feel mad on another level. I like to try to buy from local company’s to support the local economy and this is the thanks I get (my wife and I have purchase over 40 TRACO windows in 2 homes… in large part due to the warranty). Not only TRACO customers have gotten screwed, but the local window companies and installers have been burned and TRACO residential window employee’s have lost their jobs.
    - I get this is America and companies are free to sell there business, but how can they sell to a company (Echo) that shuts down (in part, to get out of union contracts) 5 weeks after the sale? Where is the due diligence? Is the money they made on the sale worth all of this negative publicity? I know I will bad mouth TRACO to anyone who will listen. I don’t know how Randall can look himself in the mirror.

  20. I have also had Traco windoes installed and over the years have had the out side pane spontaneously shatter. Previously I had put it down to a stray stone or a bird, but the glass replacement guy didn’t think so since it was only the out side pane and all the glass is out side. This last time we actually heard a pop and the window shattered. Any information would be appreciated on who you contacted to get help.

  21. We just purchased a home with Traco windows, many of which are unsafe to leave open (the clips that hold the bottom pane in place when opened are broken). I have tried to reach the companies who purchased the residential line from Traco with no success. They have both indicated that I need to contact the other company or try a repair business to locate the parts. I am looking for the needle in a haystack. Can anyone recommend a contact or solution?
    I worked for Bob Randall a number of years ago at his golf course – I think my next step is to contact him directly. This is a huge disappointment from a company I have respected over the years.

  22. I purchased my windows six years ago based on the fact I had a warrenty. This company is a joke & will do nothing for the exsiting customer. I will be filing a lawsuit. I will be contacting the local media & seeing what I can do to file a civil suit. Ciontact me if you are interested. I thought I made an investment but what I made was a mistake.

  23. We purchased a house with Traco windows. On Sunday the 3rd window exploded. We had no problem with getting the 1st 2 replaced several years ago. From calling the number I had I found out about the sale of the residential unit. Started searching on line and found this site. It doesn’t look like we will have any luck getting our window replaced this time. Since Alcoa just purchased Traco commercial I may contact the media also.

  24. We purchased over $10k of Traco windows through the Ted Lansing Corporation in 2004. We have issues now with a window that has lost its seal and have experienced the same run-around as we see posted repeatedly above. Anyone who is starting up a class action suit, feel free to contact me, I am all in.

  25. We built a home in 2003 and put in Traco windows. Most of the 50 windows we put in have moisture between the panes, are leaking water when it rains, cracked or have mold growing between the windows. We started having problems within 1 year of them being in our home. Initially we had someone come to the home and replace the glass on 2 of the windows at no charge. They had trouble finishing the job in the day and said they would come back and never even finished the replacement job. The windows are getting more fogged over as time goes on. Each year we have tried to contact Traco and get somewhere and to talk with someone that would help us to replace most of these windows, however always get the run around. We heard the residential division was sold and now we have been told to fax our request to some number, but never get anywhere with it. We are so frustrated and fear we will have to replace all of the windows in our home. How FRUSTRATING and DISAPPOINTING that a company can conduct a business this way. If anyone finds a way to get through and get the company to do something please let me know.

  26. I posted a comment last October, since then things have gotten worse, a broken lock, fog between panes.
    I too would like to file a lawsuit against Traco. I see a lot of folks have said they could be contacted but have not left a contact email on the comments so it is difficult. My email is If anyone wants to contact me, I am in this fight with you. It is shameless behavior on the part of the company.

  27. I also have Traco windows installed in my home. This summer the windows that were installed 5 years ago have begun to fog up between the panes. Of the twenty panes in ten double hung windows about fourteen have fogged up. I haven’t tried to contact the the company yet but after reading the comments of many owners of these windows I don’t see that there is much promise of getting any satisfaction. If anyone finds out about any class action lawsuit please let me know about it at this site.

  28. Traco windows were installed in my house back in 2001. For the most part they have been a good window but now I have a seal problem with two windows on south facing home. I too have been told this window will not be warrantied because Traco sold the problem to another company that went out of business 5 weeks after the sale. Its sound like an easy solution to resolve their quality and warranty problems. I contacted my window installer and he suggest just replacing the glass and he will do that at cost for me. I will likely go that route since I dont want to spend another $5K on window replacement.

    I wasnt sure about the Traco name but since it came with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, I decided I didnt have much to lose. I guess I was wrong because they will not honor the lifetime warranty since they sold that division. This would be an easy class action suit to win and there should be more than a few hungry lawyers in this economy especially since Traco is still in business. Please contact me when a class action suit is started so I can sign my name to the list of people that have been cheated.

  29. My husband and I bought a house 4 years ago and it has all Traco windows. We need new seals and/or new screensfor all of our windows as insects are getting in between the screen and the window itself. We cannot open our windows now. We called a company that came out to fix a broken window a couple of years ago and they informed us that Traco is out of business.

    What do we do now??? Replace all of our windows? We can’t afford that!

    Can anyone suggest anything or anywhere to go to get this problem solved?

  30. Several years ago we replaced all the windows in our home in Vienna, VA with the Traco 4800 Sienna Series windows. We have had to have six windows replaced. First was a bay window that fogged up and was replaced by Traco without incident. Two more windows shattered and were also replaced by Traco. A large front window also fogged up and was replaced by MGM, Inc. (They are now responsible for warrantee replacement of these windows) Since my contractor is no longer in business, I will have to pay to have this window installed. Two more windows have shattered. One was replaced by MGM. The other one broke a week ago and I am in the process of getting it replaced by MGM. Unfortunately, MGM is charging me for shipment to the tune of $30.00 per window. It may be time to file a class action law suite against Traco. How many more shipping charges am I going to have?

  31. I have TRACO windows in several buildings without any problems, but have one installed in 1990 that has had 5 windows implode. The inside window shatters the outside is intact. The first window imploded within months of the installation. The rest one every several years. One was replaced 2 years ago by TRACO at no charge. Now they say they don’t have a residential division but will supply the glass an we have to get an installer. I thought this was an old problem that was corrected but apparently has gone on for years. Has anyone contacted the Department of Justice??

  32. I like everyone else on this site have Traco TRA-4200 double hung windows. Has anyone found a contact to help resolve issues with the windows. I’ve had a couple of windows blow out due to the plastic supporting clips at the top break and would like to have new ones installed before more windows fall out.

    The big questions has anyone found help getting Traco to honor their “life time” warranties?

  33. My husband and I purchased $10,000 of new TRACO windows with a “lifetime warranty” six years ago. Last year, one of our windows hazed and our installer told us that TRACO was out of business. They wouldn’t touch our window and we paid $250 for replacement. Now, one of our picture windows has hazed and I believe it will cost at least $700. One of our locks doesn’t work right. We feel like helpless victims. I just discovered this website tonight and would like to be notified if there is a class action lawsuit: In the meantime, I guess we need to spend our time contacting the state attorney’s office and trying to figure out who will help us. It’s too bad the honest “little people” get screwed.

  34. We had all our windows replaced with Traco windows in 2000. Almost all of them have hazed over. If anyone has any information they can pass on, please let me know @ I would appreciate any help anyone can give us.

  35. We replaced all our windows with Traco windows in 1999 and since then had problems with them. Had a representative with Traco come over and was told that it was installed incorrectly. Been trying to get the company to comeback and now no one seems to help us. Along with this problem the windows also are hazing and all have air leaks. If anyone has information on trying to get someone to help us, please let me know at Is there a class action suit out on Traco???

  36. One more Traco victim. Bought 14 of these junkie 4200 series. Seals breaking and windows shattering. Windows are only 6 years old. Any updates or ideas?

  37. Same story, so far two have gone. Has anyone filed a suit? Would like an update if any resolution has been offered. Thank you.

  38. Have had 2 of the outside moldings break. Purchased $9,000 worth of windows 2 years ago for the entire top floor of my house. Thankfully could not afford to replace all my windows until this winter and went with a different manufactor for the downstairs but it looks like my problems with the windows up top are only beginning. I believe like many others out there that some kind of class action lawsuit is possible. Please contact me if anything appears.

  39. We had leaking problems immediately after installation of Traco windows that were fixed by the copious caulking method. Ok since, but two panes of glass spontaneously cracked. My installation company is nowhere to be found, and now I find out about the Traco/Echo mess. Please include me in the class action lawsuit that needs to be initiated. Thanks.

  40. I purchased $7,000. worth of TRACO windows in 1996. I have 7 fogged glasses now and Traco won’t fix them. If someone starts a CLASS ACTION against TRACO I will be happy to join in.
    Thank you. Contact Me
    so much for lifetime warranty

  41. Sounds like the same story here in Nebraska 14 windows purchased 6 years ago 5 have problems. Like everyone else if some type of resolution becomes available please let me know. Maybe Alcoa should share in some of this bad press someone needs to put the presure on as there seems to be alot of us left holding the bag on yet another corporate manuver to get out of honoring prior commitments.
    Another disgrunteled Traco customer.

  42. And another totaly LIED-TO and RIPPED-OFF Traco victim! No matter that all the necessary homework went into researching everything there was about these windows prior to purchase. No matter how much time and energy went into trying to ensure that I wouldn’t be in this very situation again, buying windows and swallowing lies! NO matter that we were assured of both the longevity and integrity of this company, how they stood behind their windows, and how they could offer such a long term glass seal warranty like no other. What a crock all that was! And who remembers the Statue of Liberty crap in their ads- I bet that if Traco really did do that job, that the ‘ol Lady is all fogged up by now! Their warranty was never worth the paper it was printed on. You can count me in on any class action suit. Maybe then there can be at least a bit of satisfaction in an otherwise nauseating scenario. Good Luck!

  43. Talk about arrogance! We just found out last week that Traco had shut down- we have issues with a few windows too.I was finally allowed to talk to a manager there today after trying on two other occasions, and was basically told to pound sand, they dont make residential windows anymore,oh well, no big deal. If they still make commercial windows, they could sure as hell figure out how to make home windows. Just shows you their level of integrity, I guess. If anyone is having any luck on this, please post it here.

  44. I had a 5×8 ft picture window installed in February 2004. One of the crank out windows has a broken seal with condensation and some kind of brown stain inside the panes of glass. When I called my installer he said he hadn’t dealt with Traco in 5 years. Now I know why. I spent over $3600 for this window and after reading all the above comments I feel betrayed. So much for warranties.

  45. Well don’t we feel like suckers. We have 4 windows shattered for no reason and locks that don;t lock.
    Just found out today about the sale of Traco and when I did a search on the internet found this website.
    I think I will go puke now.
    If anyone has any info on class suit email us please;

    Cincinnati, Ohio

  46. I had to go to the ER today because a the top half of a Traco window in my daughters rent house fell and broke the tip of my finger. I am awake and in pain researching these windows and shocked by these comments. I have to see a surgeon when I return home. Beware that the plastic stops corrode and will not prevent the window from falling. If it were the right circumstance the window could cut off a finger and it almost did.

  47. I also have fallen victim to TRACO’s underhanded dealings . I wish someone would start a class action suit
    How can they remain in business and not be responsible for theirs product warantee?

  48. I bought traco windows in 2004 and have had moisture between the glass also, they have replaced some but i have 2 more now and cant get any help replacing them if anybody is doing a class action lawsuit against them I am in or has any way of getting help e-mail me at thanks, this company sucks.

  49. I am experiencing many problems with Traco’s Power Two Windows. I have just been in contact with the Attorney General’s office in Pennsylvania. They are mailing forms to file an official complaint in regards to warranty repairs. I would encourage anyone to do the same.

  50. I just tried to open a Traco window, to put a screen in, one of ten Traco windows I had installed in my home.
    I couldn’t get the window open more than an inch. I called the installer and he told me that Traco was out of business and their “lifetime warrenty” was no longer valid.
    I needed a new ballast and had to spend $75.00 to have it installed.
    I read all the complaints about Traco giving it’s customers the “shaft” and feel a class action suit against the company is justified by all of Traco’s customers involved with problems with their windows..

  51. We are in the same sinking boat as all of the above posters. Our entire house has Traco windows, which we purchased about 7 years ago. Several had a broken seal a few years ago, which the company replaced the glass and sent it to us (we of course had to pay someone to put them in). Now we have 8 additional windows with broken seals, and this includes 2 of the replacements. When we inquired, we found out they are no longer in the residential business. Not sure what to do now. We are definitely SOL. There has to be something that can be done .

  52. WE have had mostly good success with our Traco windows – although we had one shatter, which they replaced before going out of business. Does anyone have a line on parts for these windows – anyone pick up the inventory when they went under?

  53. MGM purchased the Sienna line of windows from Echo as well as equipment to manufacture them. MGM is located in TN. I’ve had my Traco-Sienna windows for 5 years and have not had a single problem with them. I’m not sure if MGM will honor the Traco lifetime warranty. I purchased the Traco-Sienna windows because the glass was thicker then most of it’s competitors.
    The Southern Rose is the residential construction window line manufactured by MGM and is an average builder grade window. My borother had them installed in a new home he had built about 4 years ago and has not had a problem with them either.

  54. Count me in as another customer left out in the cold. I replaced all my windows with TRACO casements when I purchased the house in 1998. At the end of a 5 year replacement schedule, I had over $10,000 in TRACO windows. I could not afford to replace all at once but wanted the best so went with TRACO due in part to the lifetime warranty. In the last two years I have has many of them lose thier seals and fog badly. I too made the calls and got the same response as everyone else. It seems to me when I read the warrany language on the back of the warrany document, it says TRACO…and TRACO is still in business so why are they not responsible???Added to my misery is the fact that the installer is no longer in business. Of course back in 98-2002 it was still all TRACO and not ECHO or MGM or Sienna Line…Why can’t we get results if BBB or Attorney General Office has been notified?Add me to the email list

  55. I to have Traco windows and having problems with them also with no help from the distributor, and not being able to get in touch with Traco. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  56. I am a contractor who for many many years sold Traco windows. Once they sold the residential division to Echo, I quit buying the product because they were horrible windows. I worked with Traco prior to the Echo and Alcoa sale and they were a wonderful company to work with. Always honored warranties and bent over backwards to keep the customers happy. Even after the residential division was sold, I was able to obtain glass replacement units, for customers with a valid warranty, through the commercial division. In February of 2011, that changed. Now I have customers calling me for replacements and my hands are tied. I’ve tried contacting the Tri-City Aluminum Co. in Wexford PA as directed by the letter I recieved from the warranty division of the former Traco. This company NEVER returns phone calls. I also recieved a copy of a press release announcing, “Alcoa Completes Traco Acquistition.” It stumps me how Alcoa could have bought Traco’s assests without the liabilities. It hurts me deeply to tell my customers that I can do nothing for them when I told them what a great company they had in Traco.
    Currently, I have a customer who wonders if anyone has thought of or knows of a way to jump on to a class action suit against Traco. If anyone is aware of any such proceedure at this time, please notify my customer (Jan) at or me (Loretta Reynolds – R. F. Rice Co.) at
    Thank you.

  57. I too have a double hung window that is fogged up and needs replacement. I have yet to get anyone to address my lifetime warranty. Please contact me if there is a class action lawsuit so that I may join in.

  58. Replaced all our windows with Traco double hung in 2 years. Did front windows and then the back the following year. Had 1 window seal break approx 3 yrs ago and there was a haze inside the glass. They sent a replacement like a few posters above had mentioned but we had to hire someone to install as well.
    We now have about 5 windows where there is a haze inside. Looks terrible. Please include me as well if there is a class action suit

  59. My windows were replaced in 2004. All my Traco 4600 windows are hazed over and have large purple markings around the perimeter of the glass. Please contact me if there is any information on warranty fulfillment or on a class action suit.

  60. Another disgruntled TRACO customer. 4600 series. Thanks to the info on this site, I called MGM and spoke to one of the owner’s today. They honored the Traco 4600 series warranties for two years after they bought the line from Echo. As of April 2011 they no longer honor warranty claims – as they don’t have to! The only remedy to this whole situation as I see it is to go after TRACO. Would be happy to be part of a class action.

  61. What a finding! Trying to get ahold of traco today and I find this. Replaced all the windows in a home in 2002. And replaced only 2 (fortunately) in this home in 2004. Have the 4200 series and they are bad with fogging. Will watch for a class action suit. I can’t believe I also recommended TRACO to a neighbor just a year go.

  62. Thank you soooooo much for this website. I just spoke with a “matter of fact” female representive at TRACO today who informed me of the residential division sale and the “your our of luck” tone as TRACO no longer honors the life-time warranties. She quickly explained this portion of the company was sold to another company that went out of business shortly after acquiring the sale, along with the warranties of previous customers. She did show a small sign of sympathy by noting she did not understand how the company(ECHO) could have made the purchase in the first place if they were going out of business. This also begs the question of why TRACO sold this portion of their business in the first place – was it because TRACO knew of the lack of quality of the windows being sold to residential customers by the numerous complaints they were receiving about the defects (as stated in previous emails). I too have windows purchased in 2004 which now contain the fog/haze others have complained about. It is interesting how American manufactures complain of business going oversea and putting our people out of jobs – but this is a good example of one of many American companies more concerned with profit quantity over product quality. Once anyone has determined the links for a class action suit or any other identifible remedy for this sad situation, please notify all of us – there is greater appeal with large numbers.

  63. I have all Traco windows and really have no problems with the windows. I have a screen that is ripped and need to replace the screen and have been unable to contact anyone for assistance. Very sad to see so many comments about the lack of quality Traco products are. I bought all Traco windows because of the lifetime warranty just like everyone else.

  64. I am the 1st owner of a 3rd floor condo finished in 2008 & purchased in 2010 with — TRACO casement windows & sliding doors, all supposedly hurricane rated. I have no screens for the sliders & custom prices have been quoted at $500 / screen, seriously?? The windows – 3 will open, but will not close enough to lock & secure against rain, 1 living room window has a crack in an upper corner, but so far it hasn’t affected anything. Hopefully, the solar film will help hold the glass together if it decides to explode. The entire living room window unit leaked water during a storm from bad exterior seals, ruining my new hardwood floors in a 12′ x 6′ area in front of them. I paid to have all of the windows recaulked inside & out, hoping to at least prevent replacement for a little while.

  65. We purchased 18 Traco TR-1000 Windows and a patio door in 2005 from a local builder/remodeler. Recently we noticed that 4 panels had developed spots between the glass and one of them is fogging up between the panes of glass. We also are aware of the Lifetime Warranty that was supposed to be on these windows. Our interest now is just finding out if anyone has the records from Traco and has the capabilities to make replacement panels so we don’t have to go to the expense or mess of replacing the complete window with another brand. We can worry about the warranty later. We are also interested in joining a class action suit if one comes available. Please contact us at:

  66. Same story, different state. Bought our windows in Colorado in 2004. I feel lucky that I don’t have the leaks or shattered windows, just broken seals. We fell for the ‘They are great windows, they are in the Empire State Building—Life time warranty’ story. We are also interested in a class action suite. Is someone going to actually work on this? Please contact us.

  67. About 18 months ago I posted on this site. (#27) Since that time I have contacted a local glass company who will get new double pane glass and install it for a reasonable cost and will guarantee the new panes for several years. Luckily I have not had problems with exploding panes, faulty locks or windows that won’t open and close easily. My windows were of a fairly small size, double hung style. Having this kind of outside of the original company repair on larger windows could get costly. This might be an option for some people.

  68. i purchased windows in 2000 they leak air were rated with high r values what a crock !!
    now 2 of my upstairs windows have exploded on the inner pane do to cold weather i need some recourse

  69. I had traco windows installed 6 yrs ago and am unable to see what the weather outside is like due to severe film coating inside the windows,since you sold this division you choose not to back your product anymore,when I replace my windows with a good company I will put my traco windows outside my home improvement store to show your quality or lack of to all my customers to view

  70. I had an exploding window and now have a window that has lost the argo gas in between the double
    pane’s. I have the R10 factor and want to get that replaced. I also am interested in a class action suit
    against Traco. Please post something if there is one. Thank you

  71. from day one I had nothing but problems with my windows to the point that I had to take the construction company and traco to court. Only thing I won is a extend for life warranty and the amount to cover maybe one window. I guess all for nothing since after reading this I have no idea what to do with fixing my window either… other than replacing one by one…$ 17,000.00 dollars down the drain how sad . If anyone does file an action suit please also let me know thanks .

  72. I spent a big buck on “Tricky”Traco windows for my home. 3 are fogged up and one the crank gearing assembly is broken. I bought “Tricky” Traco windows because they were a local company and an American manufacturer and of course the lifetime warrenty.So here I am like so many others left to fend for ourselves. Apparently the Consumer Protection Bureau,the Attorney Generals office and others who have tried to do something CAN’T. That”s the American way. Take the money and run, the customer be damned.

  73. I purchased a 12 foot bay window and a 10 foot picture window with two sliders from Traco in 2004 when we had an addition built on our home. The only reasons we bought Traco windows were the lifetime warranty & that they were made locally. The bay window began to fog only 2 years after it was installed. Fortunately, we had that replaced under warranty. Now the picture window has some sort of mold growing between the panes.
    It’s pretty evident now why Traco sold their residential division – they knew their warranty would bankrupt them considering the quality of the windows they were producing. Add me to the list of pissed-off Traco customers.
    Clearly, they are getting away with fraud, & the agencies whose job it is to protect the consumers in Pa. aren’t doing their jobs. Warranty-schmorranty!

  74. We purchased Traco windows for our sunroom and now six of the twelve windows are starting to fog between the panes. We too purchased this brand in part because of the warranty and now they don’t have to honor it because the company (Echo) they sold to went out of business? I thought there were laws about misleading information and fraud used in order to sell products. Traco should be liable for these products under “lemon laws” as that’s what they are. Bad, inferior products sold under misleading claims. Apparently, we’re all out of luck but Traco will never get another dollar of my money.

  75. We have the same thing in Richmond, VA; 18 Traco windows, many with exploding glass. Was a class action lawsuit ever filed anywhere.

  76. My wife and I purchased Traco windows for her house in 2004. We thought we had purchased a top of the line window – boy were we wrong. Over $6000 for 26 windows of various sizes. Within three years some of them began fogging (?) between the glass. As of this date all of them are fogging. Called the supplier who informed us that they no longer deal with Traco because of the myriad problems and complaints – no surprise there. We then contacted Traco and, you guessed it, the problem is the fault of everyone but the manufacturer. My initial choice for replacement windows was Pella but at that time I did not want to spend the money. Now I have to replace the pieces of crap that are in the house with windows that will probably cost 50 to 75 percent more than the original purchase price. My advice to anyone contemplating buying a house with Traco windows: if the realtor uses them as a selling point, run quickly away from the house and find another realtor. They have been known to lie also to make a sale. If you are selling your house that has Traco windows my advice would be to not even mention that fact.

  77. I have nine traco windows. one is broken in that I can not put it up but 3 inches and I am afraid to try to clean it for fear it will not go back in. Is anyone aware of a law suit given the fact that the company no longer in business…..

  78. Bought 36 windows in 2005. 22 are fogging. Same as others. Will have to eventually replace all. Mr gillman did actually answer his phone a couple of years ago. He told me to grt in line and good luck.

  79. I got my new windows in 2004 and my husband passed away and then just 2 years after I guess 2006 mine started breaking seals and they never did fit right on my bay window.I cant afford to fix and same as everyone else I cant get any response.I am now disabled and cant even enjoy my home to look out and see like I should have after retirement .I am dependent on S.S. and cant afford to have fixed .S o I guess have to cry and go on .Its sad the government can pay for some business to get out of trouble but ,wont help people have companies sell out or not comply to all gaurantees .Mine were series 4300 dont know if they are the best or cheapest but we bought for the reason we were planning on getting home upgraded to retire and because of business getting by with trading companies now I lost everything plus cant enjoy my home cause of it .If ever a lawsuit begins I want to know ,cause I have no money for a lawyer on my own.I had really pushed them also cause of the cleaning was so convenient and easy since I didnt have to get outside to clean.But big mistake .I sure wouldnt recommend for a big business .

  80. We are also having problems with our 12 Traco Vinyl windows which were installed in 2001. We’ve had exploders and most are now fogged. Just found out today what the rest of you already know. Traco left us holding the bag. I would also be up for a class action suit if someone decides to go forward.

  81. I had my whole house done with Traco Window (22) in 2001 and I have 4 windows that are fogged over. It is sad because the windows I replaced was because of bad seal from another company that was sold and the new company would not honor the warranty,

  82. bought traco windows– had dealer come look at them after one yr-told us all in tolance– because the windows leak cold air— now who do we cantact– its amazing– had the factory reps here also said same thing–

  83. would like some input o nthis— shpld be repalced

  84. We bought 32 double hung Traco windows – 5 or 6 years ago – we’re back to turning up the heat and wearing blankets and sweatshirts because of leaking windows. Definitely interested in suit. Lots of money – can’t afford to put out all over again…

  85. thought the windows was suppose to be life time— waarranty –just sayin–

  86. Same thing the dealer Monarch Siding & Windows installed windows in our home 7 years ago. The sliding glass door has leak in the window. The dealer refuses to help out in anyway as they did not manufacture the windows. when they sold them to us the owner of Monarch made a very strong pitch on the life time warranty of the glass. I feel that both the dealer and Traco needs to step up to the pump and make this right. I am all for a class action lawsuit. Has one been started?

  87. I have a phone number and name that I saw on the BBB’s website as for a contact person for warranty issues.
    It’s a Cranberry Twp Pa. phone number (Traco’s original home office). I called this guy and he denied that he and his current company was responsible, but it was fun to scream at the idiot anyway !!
    The phone number is: 724-799-8680 and the guy’s name is Brett Randal.

  88. bought all traco windows for my home a few years ago. 5 of the windows are fogged up. I spent a lot of money on these. Would be interested in a lawsuit.

  89. Traco is crap all my windows went bad. some wont open
    I would like to get my money back.

  90. My husband and I replaced all our windows with Traco Power of two model windows in 2007 in large part because of the lifetime warranty that came with them. Surely, we can find an attorney to help us with a class action suit against a company who has defrauded so many people.

  91. Well we just purchased a home with several “failing” Traco windows. one is a huge picture window. Had a window cleaner out not realizing it was “fog” between the glass. We have several sliding glass door failures as well. Wow this is hugely disappointing. We will also be interested in class action.

  92. Same sad story…21 TR4300 windows, 9 “frosted” sashes, so far. Please count me in any class action lawsuit.

  93. What does “awaiting moderation” mean?

  94. Wow – I am horrified to read about your TRACO window issues/complains/nightmare. I bought 19 windows for 19k (for the entire house) located in Northern Virginia in July 2008. I keep my fingers crossed – no problems with the windows since the installation until now. My wife and I do not open most of our windows (fear of loss of energy) – I need to make a tour of all the windows to make sure they are all in good shape. Of course, like everybody, I am out of the lifetime warranty for all these windows. The only window I did not replace was the sliding door to our backyard – it was too expensive. Sorry, I do not know from memory the window series installed….it was 5 years ago.

  95. Back in the 80′s and early 90′s when Traco came out with vinyl window, after hearing the stories back then, we in the window installation business, nicknamed them TRACO – MISTAKEO, and I see our predictions came 100% true!

  96. My lifetime warranty is still in effect as I am alive. My Traco installer has left me high and dry, just telling me that Traco was out of business. I have discovered this info on the internet. Please advise me how to proceed. The main window of a bay window has steam within the windows.
    Thank you

  97. MGM Industries purchased the Sienna line from Echo and is furnishing the warrantyFor 4 years after 2009 when they purchased the line. There is an article on line about this. I have Traco Power Two windows and have found no info on them.

  98. What does awaiting moderation mean?

  99. 12 windows and all of them are frosted to the point a hammer wouldn’t break the ice, what a waist of money. Of course the installer is no longer around. I have no clue what to do now.

  100. We bought 27 double hung oct.2004, every lower sash failed was replaced and failed again no wonder you sold out , my warranty is gone too. Thanks Traco.

  101. I too was duped into these windows. They work fine mechanically, however half of my twelve windows have foggy glass. I contacted the better business bureau to no avail. Local media or national media need to report this on every news station in America. We’ll get a response then, you can be assured.


  102. we have 23 TRACO windows in our home and the seals are all FAILING! Spent alot of money on these! Is there a place to file a class action lawsuit?????I would be interested. We all need to call the Brett Randall guy since he handles warranties 724 799 8680

  103. I replaced 13 windows in 2004 and almost all of my windows lost the gas between them thay are very foggy and the winter time it forms a thick frost on them and I’m losing a lot of heat.
    I had the contracter out last year and he said he can’t do nothing about it he said the company went bankrupt but could replace them at my cost what a ripoff

  104. My Traco windows had fogged up also. I pulled out all my information to find out who to contact about this problem and found this. So disappointed to see there is no recourse at this time to remedy this by Traco. If a class action suit is filed, please include me.

  105. I have one window, maybe more, that has a leaky seal. My entire house has Traco windows so who knows what the future brings? From reading these posts it sounds like the situation is hopeless as far as getting any warranty work done. Has anybody called Brett Randall (above post) to see what could be done? Count me in on a class action suit if one happens!

  106. I too have TRACO windows. I do not know the model as I bought the home with them and no info
    from previous homeowner was left. They are the worst windows I have ever seen. Leaky seals, air coming in around them, musty smell in one of the there’s a leak somewhere. Nightmare. I have home up for sale I hope the home inspector finds all ok. I am not able to replace – too costly.

  107. Living in Minnesota my windows have leaked the Gas out of them and they are all cloudy and very drafty and I loose a lot of heat some of the windows I can not open them or won’t stay open.
    I had the people that installed them out to my house and he said that he could not do anything for me I would like to know if I can have someone help me?
    Or if there is Class action suit please include me in on it

  108. For some of you who have hardware and glazing issues, Some of the Traco products can be reglazed. You have to pay a glass company,but better than replacing the whole window. Some of the hardware can replaced too. Look to your local window repair and glazing companies.Locking problems,tillt latches, crank assemblies were not manufactured by Traco. Strybuc Industries has many of these parts,but you won’t be able to purchase from them. A glass shop can. Good Luck! I am a window repair company.

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