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A Discussion between a CEO and CFO, Part II

Apr 4th, 2014

After the day passed, the chief financial officer (CFO), determined to learn more about why sales training is a good thing, jumped in his car and headed home for the evening. After an uneventful dinner, he moved into his office and wanted to wrap his brain around the resistance he always had to sales training. [...]

A Discussion Between a CEO and a CFO

Mar 6th, 2014

As the day began to draw to a close, and the sun was beginning to set in the horizon, the CEO and CFO were about to cross paths in the hallway. The CFO always has money on his mind as his world is based upon one simple fact, whether or not the actions that he [...]

What Did You Just Say?

Feb 20th, 2014

FACT: Poor listening skills cost our companies millions of dollars each year. FACT: Good listening skills are one of our greatest assets for successful relationships, negotiations and conflict resolution. This month we want to briefly explore our own listening skills and what can be done to improve them. First, let’s look at some definitions that [...]

Are You Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?

Jan 30th, 2014

This edition of my blog will help you understand more about yourself as well as those with whom you come into contact. It is very helpful to be able to understand how learning happens so that you can communicate with your team, your partners and how others can communicate with you. If you have ever [...]

Why Not Discover Yourself for Yourself?

Dec 5th, 2013

I have been watching the electronic media as of late and one of the hot topics seems to be how to motivate employees. If you Google the words, “employee motivation,” you get 12,600,000 results … WOW … that’s a lot to choose from. We tend to stop at the “Five Ways to Motivate Your Employees” [...]

You Will Never Believe Who I Ran Into!

Nov 20th, 2013

Recently, I was sitting at a restaurant waiting for my meal to come when I overheard your client talking to one of their friends about your last visit. Here is what they said about the next time you stop in at their office: 1. Quit passing the blame. Fall on the sword and apologize. Why [...]

You Can Farm, I Want to Hunt …

Oct 24th, 2013

I recently read an article about how the art of farming is better for sales than the skill of hunting. Since I have been a hunter in sales for almost 30 years now, I wanted to devote this discussion to some of the advantages and disadvantages to both. First, we have to start with a [...]

Who is Really Responsible Here?

Oct 10th, 2013

I recently reviewed some new data from Gallup. The title of the article really got me concerned. “Worldwide, 13 percent of employees are engaged at work.” I had to read it again … “No way!” I thought to myself as I continued to read. My company is different, right? Take an honest look at this: [...]

There is an “I” in Partnership!

Sep 10th, 2013

“It’s amazing to me how many times words are used today yet the definitions are not really fully understood. Take the word “partnership.” Let’s look at the definition of this word …”the state or condition of being a partner, participation, association; joint interest.’ Think about the joint interest part for a moment. —Dave Molenda