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Is Andersen a Dinosaur or an Elephant?

Aug 24th, 2012

There can be no question that Andersen Windows and Doors is very big. Andersen Corp. is one of America’s largest privately held companies with annual revenues estimated at more than $100 billion and more than 10,000 employees. The longevity, size and marketing efforts of Andersen made the company the Kleenex™ of the window business. It [...]

A is for AAMA … A Door and Window Word Puzzle

Jul 31st, 2012

Initials are more commonly used than words for many important terms in our industry. I can list several examples for most letters in the alphabet. Do you know the real words that correspond with the initials on this list? A is for AAMA, ABC, AIA, ASCE & ASTM B is for BBB C is for [...]

The Legend of the Grey Couch

Jul 17th, 2012

Since 1950 the Miami Somers Company has been the premiere exterior remodeling company offering energy-efficient doors and windows to property owners along the Jersey Shore from its showroom on Route 9 in Somers Point, N.J. I was down the shore last week and briefly caught up with Charles Zuschnitt, the owner of the Miami Somers [...]

You’re Fired

Jul 2nd, 2012

I fired a man today. Officially, his employment ended following a “terminable infraction” according to our employee handbook. Unofficially, I was personally betrayed. Previous small infractions made by this employee over several years had been documented, addressed and resolved amicably. Each time, I felt this young man was gaining better understanding of his employer’s expectations [...]

Cutting Costs to Survive

Apr 23rd, 2012

The only way to survive as a manufacturer in today’s stalled economy is to reduce expenses, right? Manufacturers are looking for a better bottom line and reducing expenses to make up for lost revenue. They are slashing customer service expenses, laying-off marketing department staff, delaying the introduction of new products and reducing sales staff. Durasol [...]

I Never Got This Far in My Dreams

Apr 12th, 2012

Bubba Watson had me glued to my television Sunday afternoon as I watched him use courage and creativity to win the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Ga. If you weren’t one of the 42 million Americans also watching, I can tell you it was an exciting finish. Watson hit an awful tee shot on a [...]

Focus While Driving

Mar 27th, 2012

“Remember the only reason you are spending your time driving to this house, right now, is to walk away with a sale. Why not spend the time driving to an appointment getting focused on what you need to do?” Pete, the old Tin Man who taught me his sales techniques would say. Pete told me [...]

What Would You Rather Do?

Mar 20th, 2012

One of the old masters of selling who was willing to school me with his lessons was Pete Scatton, one of the original “Tin Men.” Pete thought it was important to leave early for sales appointments, so he could have time to brood. “Leave yourself plenty of time to pull over, park the car and [...]

Learn From Your Elders

Feb 13th, 2012

I have always tried to learn as much as I could about the art of salesmanship and was always fascinated by the sales process. I learned a lot about sales from my Dad. “Selling is simple.” my Dad would tell me, “Be yourself and believe what you’re saying”… Maybe it really was just that simple, [...]

Selling is Easy!

Jan 30th, 2012

“Selling is easy,” Dad would say. “Just be yourself and believe what you’re saying.” I was “home-schooled” for my earliest sales training. Adding a showroom on to our home was the biggest investment Dad made when he started his own business. I would watch and learn as my Dad met customers in his tiny new [...]