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Seven Ways to Reduce Adhesive Costs

Nov 15th, 2011

As manufacturers, you understand the economics: The rising costs of raw materials continue to drive up the price to produce adhesives. Sooner or later, adhesives manufacturers have no choice but to pass on at least some of the increased costs to you. Under these circumstances, you likely are more compelled than ever to minimize gluing […]

Is Brand Everything?

Sep 6th, 2011

A respected brand name opens doors. And perhaps it should. After all, a manufacturer (of adhesives or other products) who has developed a good brand has earned the market’s trust in quality of product and customer service. But should brand reputation alone determine product selection? Certainly, door and window manufacturers are wise to consider using […]

The Power of Green

May 3rd, 2011

At 40 years of age (as marked by the first Earth Day celebration, in 1970), the environmental movement in the U.S. isn’t young. Yet, it is stronger today than ever before – certainly within the woodworking industry. The movement unquestionably is having an impact on the manufacture of doors and windows. CARB phase two went […]