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Learn What to Watch for When Making Green Claims; Details of AAMA’s Green Certification Program

Jun 22nd, 2012

When Arlene Stewart, AZS Consulting and Tracy Rogers, chair of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Green Certification Task Group, spoke to Fenestration Day attendees earlier this year, the two gave valuable information regarding energy-efficient issues. First, Stewart talked to attendees about what to do when it comes to making green claims. She was followed […]

The Value Equation

Apr 19th, 2012

During my finance seminar given last week at Fenestration Day, I was talking about how it might be necessary to buy down points on a loan in order to offer an interest rate that is acceptable to the consumer. The finance companies will charge the dealer percentage points on the loan in order to do […]

Collins Presents Latest Market Data and Survival Tactics

Apr 17th, 2012

Michael Collins, managing director, building products group, at Jordan, Knauff and Co., gave two presentations at Fenestration Day, held last week in San Antonio, Texas. The first was geared toward manufacturers and detailed the latest merger and acquisition numbers as well as future projections. His presentation toward dealers focused on meeting challenges head on and how […]

“Innovate or Suffocate”

Apr 17th, 2012

Industry gatherings typically represent a microcosm of the overall industry itself. Fenestration Day, held last week in San Antonio, was no exception. This was a particularly interesting event, since it brought together both manufacturers and dealers in one spot. I tend to call more often on manufacturers, so it was interesting to get a chance […]

Panel Proves Communication Still Lacking Among Dealers and Manufacturers

Apr 16th, 2012

It doesn’t happen often that you gather manufacturers and dealers together and have an open forum to ask them questions and have them offer honest feedback regarding what each group wants from the other. But it did happen last week at Fenestration Day held in San Antonio, Texas—an educational event sponsored by DWM magazine. The […]

Why are the Simple Things the Hardest?

Apr 16th, 2012

It’s easy for manufacturers to bring dealers in for training, right? So why don’t some of you? It’s easy to tell a dealer of a new product—so why don’t some of you? And if a manufacturer fails in some of these areas, why doesn’t a dealer change manufacturers? Perhaps that fact in itself is even […]

Plavecsky Shares Creative Financing Options During Fenestration Day

Apr 13th, 2012

  As part of Fenestration Day, which took place yesterday at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, dealers, for the first time, had an avenue for learning as the event included a track of sessions devoted specifically to their needs. The program included a number of sessions, including one that focused on creative […]

Barr Offers Advice on Maximizing Dealer Networks

Apr 13th, 2012

Jason Barr, president of improveit! 360, spoke during Fenestration Day yesterday on the subject of maximizing the success of the dealer network. The event took place in San Antonio at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel. “Dealers have too much to juggle so they often drop marketing and lead management,” said Barr. “They get lost in […]

Experts Provide Updates on Green Claims and Certification Programs

Apr 12th, 2012

Fenestration Day attendees received first-hand knowledge on green industry information this morning. Arlene Stewart with AZS Consulting, who is known as an energy expert in the industry, talked to attendees about what to do when it comes to making green claims. She was followed by Tracy Rogers with Quanex Building Products and a member of […]

Crowe Opens Fenestration Day with Optimistic Forecast

Apr 12th, 2012

David Crowe, chief economist for the National Association of Homebuilders, opened Fenestration Day this morning with his presentation, “Looking into Housing Markets’ Crystal Ball.” Manufacturers, dealers, distributors and suppliers are all taking part in the event today, which is being held at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio. Taking a look back at […]