Serious Re-Opens Former Kensington Windows***Updated March 18, 8:15 EST With Video

March 17th, 2009 | Category: Featured Content
Serious president Kevin Surace (middle right), participates in a green ribbon cutting ceremony with PA Governor Ed Rendell (middle left) along with rehired Kensington employees.

Serious president Kevin Surace (middle right), participates in a green ribbon cutting ceremony with PA Governor Ed Rendell (middle left) along with rehired Kensington employees.

Serious Materials, the new owner of the former Kensington Windows, reopened the Vandergrift, Pa., facility in a ceremony held yesterday. Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell, along with rehired Kensington employees, were on-hand to celebrate the reopening of the plant that closed abruptly in October when parent company Jancor Co. lost its financing and filed for bankruptcy. Approximately 25 former Kensington employees have been rehired to date, including Robin Scott, who spoke with a great deal of emotion yesterday at the ceremony. The company plans to bring other employees back as orders increase.

“You don’t need a Ph.D. to see that factories are fleeing this area,” said Scott. “So I wasn’t that surprised when Kensington closed …. But when they shut this place down it was the worst feeling I ever had.”

Scott added that he hadn’t thought the facility would be reopened under new management. “When I got the call from my friend Chuck (Chuck Wetmore, plant manager) to come back, my response was, ‘when and where?’”

He also joked, “I’m not a tree hugger by any means,” but that he was pleased to hear that Serious Materials, a company focused on energy-efficient windows, was the new owner.

Rendell echoed this sentiment. “I’m not a tree hugger either, but I know that saving energy will be crucial in the next 25 years,” he said.

He also used Kensington/Serious as an example of government at work (referring to the stimulus package).

“The next time you hear someone say government doesn’t work, tell them they are wrong,” he said.

As another example, he pointed to the money allotted to weatherization of homes in the stimulus bill.

“We’ll do training so people learn how to weatherize homes,” he said. “That’s a lot of jobs that will be created.”

Serious president Kevin Surace also spoke at the event and told those in attendance about the company’s commitment to saving energy through its production of high R-value windows. Most windows are R2 or R3, says Surace, meaning half of the energy will be lost from that window.

“Five percent of all the energy in America literally goes out the window and we can change that,” says Surace, who says Serious windows have an R value of 11.

“It’s so gratifying for others to see what I knew when I started this company-that no one does what we do,” he added.

Click on the video below for an exclusive interview with Wetmore.

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  1. [...] of good news up close.Yesterday Serious Materials reopened the former Kensington Windows facility (CLICK HERE for that news story), and I was fortunate enough to travel to Vandergrift, Pa., to witness the [...]

  2. [...] Serious Materials was recognized by President Obama on Monday as he addressed more than one hundred clean energy entrepreneurs and leading researchers at the “Investing in the Clean Energy Economy” event held in Washington, D.C. Highlighting events such as the reopening of Kensington Windows in Pennsylvania, President Obama commended Serious Materials on creating jobs that will aid the recovery of our nation while innovating and creating the technologies that will fuel America’s long-term prosperity.”Serious Materials just reopened a manufacturing plant outside of Pittsburgh. Last year, that factory was shuttered and more than one hundred jobs were lost. The town was devastated. Today, that factory is whirring back to life, and Serious Materials is rehiring the folks who lost their jobs. And these workers will now have a new mission: producing some of the most energy-efficient windows in the world.” (For DWM’s coverage of the re-opening CLICK HERE.) [...]

  3. I have Kensington windows. I have 2 that need replacing. Before I could just call and paid the shipping fee and another replacement window was sent. What can I do now?



  5. I have Kensington Windows-Elite Collection. If I need warranty, will Serious complete the service through a local dealer??? The windows sweat between the panes. The company who installed the windows only told me Kensington was out of business.. He does not return calls nor follow up. The installation was very expensive and came with warranty for a long period.
    Thank you

  6. I also have a crack in a Kensington window, installed in 12 of2006, do you warranty this, contractor, Todd FAbian did not return my call. thanks.

  7. I have 14 Kensington windows installed in my house. Two have the outside glass broke from birds flying into them. These were suppose to be replaced free for a lifetime, so now where can I get them replaced? I bought them because of the superior workmanship and the guarantee. As a senior I can’t afford to pay again, that’s why I bought what I thought was quaility to start with. I feel cheated if I can’t get them fixed!

  8. I have some Kensington windows with a lifetime warranty. iN Some of the windows the seal has broke and they are fogging up. The commpany that installed them is out of business. I agree with the other people posting on the amount of money spent and not being able to get them repaired.
    What do I do now?

  9. I contacted Serious, the company that bought out Kensington, I too have a few windows that failed. Kensington was not bought out, they filed Bankruptcy and as such got protection from anyone with a claim. Serious did buy the factory and some existing stock, but makes their own products, not Kensington replacements. So, short version is if you contact them at “” and explain the situation, they will contact you and let you know if they have parts you need, for sale. Really short version is, sorry about your luck, you can buy leftover stock if its still available, Kensington burned all of us through bad management.

  10. I GUESS WE ARE ALL OUT OF LUCK. I had 7 windows installed 14 years ago. They were represented to ma as hurricane resistant windows. Which later on I found out that they were not hurricane proof. On 2 of my windows the lift springs broke and nobody sells the flat type of springs any more. But I found a company here in St. Pete called City windows and doors, that will, for a price of course replace them with the current type of lift springs. So much for my lifetime warranty. I should, and will next time ask who’s warranty: mine or the companies.

  11. This really is bad news. I have all my windows done by Kensington. Bummer news, man! There on my moms house too and there darn siding! Done crying. Thanks. Moving on

  12. I bought 6 windows in 05/2001 and all 6 have had the bottom replaced. Because of air gtting between the glass causeing it to fog up. Now I have 2 more that need replaceing. “Life time warranty” yea big joke!!!!

  13. I have a left hand casement window in a powder room,purchased from Kensington. The window size is approx.15″x16″. The multi point locking system broke. Do you have any locks available? Having a hard time finding a replacement. Thanks Larry

  14. So I know it’s not Serious’s problem however it just don’t seem right that a person just has to pay twice if they’re window failed.
    So in the future if a kensington window fails I can or cant just replace the sash? I would appreciate a response.
    Thank You
    Bill Meade

  15. I had several Kensington windows installed in my home in 2007. Three of those now have
    condensation and dust between the panes of glass. Now that the company is gone the fifty year warranty on the hermetic seal is basically worthless. The installer, A-Home Improvements has indicated that he may be able to replace the glass but I am not too optimistic and have the feeling it is going to be expensive.

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