Is Brand Everything?

September 6th, 2011 by DWM Magazine

A respected brand name opens doors. And perhaps it should. After all, a manufacturer (of adhesives or other products) who has developed a good brand has earned the market’s trust in quality of product and customer service.

But should brand reputation alone determine product selection?

Certainly, door and window manufacturers are wise to consider using well-regarded brands. Your own experience with specific brands and the experience of industry peers with those brands count. On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend selecting a product by brand alone. I encourage you to look beyond just the brand to the individual performance characteristics of prospective products for certain applications.

Buy on brand alone, and you might spend more than necessary to purchase an appropriate product for the job. Even worse, you might end up with an product that compromises your productivity and/or your product quality.

There’s value in brand loyalty for both you and the supplier. I’m merely suggesting you peer past brand alone to ensure that you purchase a proven product that also meets your every need in the plant.

Your industry peers and suppliers alike would be interested in hearing about your brand-buying habits. Is brand the leading influence in product selection or just the starting point? Do you consider looking beyond the better-known brands to find the ideal product for the job? Will you sacrifice brand for price? Feel free to post your comments here.


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