Great Day Improvements Acquires Assets of Stanek

January 17th, 2013 | Category: Industry News

Great Day Improvements LLC announced its acquisition of Stanek Vinyl Window Company’s operating assets for an undisclosed price.

Great Day Improvements, a residential and commercial remodeler headquartered in Macedonia, Ohio, intends to manufacture and offer Stanek brand windows as part of its line of home improvement products. The window company is headquartered in Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio.

“This is one of several initiatives we’ve executed to transform and expand Great Day Improvements into a one-stop home improvement company for our customers,” says Steve White, managing partner of the company. The Stanek brand has been in existence for 60 years and in terms of quality, it is an excellent complement to our legendary Patio Enclosures brand.”

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  1. I am writing as a Stanek Windows” customer who placed a significant cash deposit with the company for the purchase and installation of two sets of double-pane silding glass doors. The sliding doors were to be installed by the end of January. Immediately following the asset purchase by Great Day Improvements, the Stanek operation in Florida was shuttered. The windows I ordered have not been installed. The company has gone silent. There has been no answer to my request for the return of my deposit. I understand from my salesman who joined another window company that there are a number of people in my position. I think in purchasing the assets of this comany, Greatt Day had a duty to insure that issues such as the one I have encountered were addressed before they closed on the deal and not become complicit in a situation that now appears to be heading to court.

  2. can you tell me if all the lifetime warnnitys on stanek windows from past are gone now?

  3. Mr. Haber should have been contacted by now through the Florida operation. Great Day intends to honor all contracts for projects that had not been installed by Stanek Window prior to aquiting the assets. We are sorry for the delay during the transition and should resume installation soon.

    As for Warranty issues, we will continue to honor material warrenties on many products but will ask customers to pay a service charge for labor. To obtain service or more information about specific product warranty please contact your local office to recieve specific information.

    Beginning immediately Great Day Improvements will begin offering the Stanek Window product along with Patio Enclosure Sunrooms and SoftWall Basement finishing products in all of our 19 Branch locations. Please check our website at for a location near you.

  4. Hello Mr. Goddard:

    We have had conflicting information from various representatives as to Stanek warranties. In fact I was told by the Cleveland location today that we would be responsible for materials and labor and that our discount was that “we wouldn’t have to pay tax”. Our initial installation of 26 windows resulted in first year replacement of a majority of these windows due to “defective glass”. Since that time a window will shatter on its own every 2 years or so and the latest one to do so this week is the first since your company bought Stanek. In addition to outright windows shattering we have had to replace, again under warranty, several panes due to seal failure and currently have our largest picture window with between glass condensation indicating yet another failure. We were very angry when we heard that you were no longer honoring the “lifetime” warranty. Without this warranty, and the peace of mind that it has provided, the Stanek name will no longer have the value you perceived it to have when you acquired its assets. It is a fantastic product when intact but in our case a product that has had defective materials from day one. We have sold and referred many customers to Stanek because of the product and the warranty it had, we will no longer be able to do so unless you are able to reevaluate the way you treat prior customers. Are the problems we are experiencing so common that it contributed to the demise of the old Stanek organization and Great Day Improvements can’t afford to make them right? We would love to continue to do business with Stanek and refer others to you, please consider the implications of your current policies.

  5. Mr. Goddard,
    The Stanek windows we have were installed in 1994 and aside from from the “manufacturer defect” with the gas in the smaller pane windows,which causes them to spontaneously shatter with weather changes, we have been very satisfied with the product and service. I had a window pane replaced in October 2012 for this problem. My daughters bedroom window (which is just over her bed) and a larger window shattered. I called as usual to have the pane replaced only to find out it will cost $187.00 for just half of the window. I have not received any letter informing me of the change and that the life time guarantee is now void. I have now left a message for Ryan the service manager in Cleveland, but I am sure he will just give me the same answer and that I will have to pay for parts and labor. At this point why should I stay with this product. I feel there is a safety issue plus to keep having this price every time the weather changes.
    I am very disappointed with the customer service of Great Day Improvements, it is now April (3 months after the company change) and no notification to customers who bought Stanek windows and were greatly satisfied with the life time guarantee and their customer service.
    If nothing can be done to honor the life time guarantee (especially with the “defect”) then I will looking at other companies for replacement windows.

  6. It is extremely poor customer service to ignore the Stanek warranty. That was the main selling point of that product. I called for service on a door and I’m told that the warranty is no longer honored. I will be running this by an attorney but I’m sure Great day has covered themselves legally. The one tool I do have is that I teach customer service for a very large company and I use examples in classes that demonstrate poor customer service. This situation will now become one of my examples. I may not be able to do anything legally but I do have the power of speech and I will be telling everyone I know to avoid this company in the future. I will be contacting the BBB and filing a bad report. I will be contacting Angie’s List and putting in a bad report and any other internet site I can find. Great Day, you may take away my warranty but I can share my experience with your company to many future customers and I hope every other Stanek customer does the same. I hope you save enough money avoiding the Stanek warranties to make up for even the loss of 1 customer.

  7. Mr. Goddard: I too am very disappointed in your customer service department. Does it even exist, I am asking myself, as no phone calls have been returned. Shortly after you sent the letter regarding your takeover of Stanek, we talked to one of your representatives to see if our replacement windows claim would be honored and were told yes, and in 6-8 weeks the windows should be there and all we would have to pay for was the installation fee. We were agreeable to that. The 8 weeks is up and not only do we not have windows, we can’t even get a return phone call!
    It would be greatly appreciated it someone/anyone would return one of our many phone calls to let us know just what the status of our order is.
    Thank you.

  8. Looks like you got a lifetime warraanty (the distributors!). I feel sorry for your situation. On your next replacement project, go with a National supplier such as Pella, Anderson, etc. They arn’t going anywhere. I just saw an ad for Pella with a 10 year installation guarantee—In Florida!

  9. Just called to get window fixed. Was told my LIFE TIME WARRENTY is no longer. I asked how could that be, i was never notified and according to the paper work I have it states “Any changes to this Contract must be in writing, signed by all parties, and specifically refer to the Contract.” Well I have received no notice and this contract states LIFE TIME WARRENTY.. The person to whom I spoke to stated that there were too many clients to send letters to to notify. Really? I will notify the BBB of this. I wonder just how many other home owners will be finding this out after the fact. The person I spoke to said he would be glad to come out for $125.00 to look at my window in which the only come once a month to Columbus. Really.

  10. I put a call in to stanek and got this other company called Great day improvements. I left them a message and didn’t hear anything back, so I Called again & got same company message,left it again and finally a got a call back to let me know that the LIFE TIME WARRENTY is NO longer valid on my windows or patio door? Why?Oh u didn’t hear great day improvements bought stanek in January. WOW!!!! That’s news to us consumers!!Then I also got told that there would be a cost for them to come out & look at the rollers on the patio door,plus labor if they needed to be worked on or replaced.Where is that LIFE TIME WARRENTY?? That should come into play with anyone who has purchased with stanek before January of 2013.That was one of the reasons that we purchased them, so just in case of something happened. My husband is not somebody who is handy around the house,it was a piece of mind for me.REALLY there needs to be something done to satisfy past customers,Me personally will be directing other people who do ask about my windows to find somebody else that’s reliable and will stand up to there contract.This is wrong!!!Very wrong.

  11. I too attempted to contact Stanek Windows only to find out that they have been “absorbed” by Great Day Improvements. It took me 5 days of calling EVERY SINGLE DAY to finally get someone to call me back. After talking to someone, they informed me that the Stanek lifetime warranty is no longer being honored and that they would only cover materials, not labor. After spending about 10 minutes on the phone explaining to the lady that this was due to the installation of the window, she finally agreed to send someone out without a service charge. I was very grateful for this because I felt that after spending upwards of $10,000 for windows, I shouldn’t have to pay money to fix an installation issue. However, I am very upset about the discontinuation of the Lifetime warranty. Like stated in a previous post, we were never notified about Great Day absorbing Stanek, nor were we notified about the warranty issue. I too will make this known to whomever I can; Angie’s List, BBB, etc. I plan to contact the Office of Consumer Affairs and the Attorney General’s Office as well. I feel that as consumers we have a right to what we purchased and feel that we should not let this rest.

  12. This is just plain wrong. How can a company just forget about its loyal customers. Something has to be done about the product and labor warranty. It just doesn’t seem right how they can not honor the labor warranty. I just purchased a new patio window last summer and looking through all my paperwork and warranty terms it states all materials and labor are covered 100%. This was primarily the reason why I chose Stanek along with their excellent product quality at the time. I paid good money for my patio window for the reason of Stanek’s comprehensive warranty and now I am out of luck. Totally unacceptable in my opinion. I think a class action lawsuit needs to be filed against Great Day Improvements to compensate each and every consumer of this breach of warranty terms. As Jennifer mentioned, I too plan on contacting the Attorney General’s Office. All customers who purchased prior to January 2013 should be entitled to the full warranty in which they legally contractually signed. My hope is with the power of the Web, we can notify and inform all Stanek customers and organize to protect our rights.

  13. I had purchased Stanek windows for my home close to 10 years back. I have 2 windows where the heat foil has wrinkled severely, and one window where the crank is stripped. When I called for someone to come out, I received a call back from Great Day Improvements in West Allis, WI telling me the same story as everyone else here has noted. No warranty honored. When I purchased the windows, I had shopped around and compared to other manufacturers, and felt the higher cost of these windows was justified because of the lifetime warranty. I think this is a terrible shame and a black eye for an American business to pull something like this. As others here have stated, the word is getting around about this.

  14. Well,
    I’m sorry to see so many posts about the recent warranty revelations about the Great day purchase. Like every othe rpost, I too was shocked to hear of the purchase of Stanek by Great day. This is not an uncommon occurance in the replacement window industry. This is now my second go around with this result. I found out when I called the local ex-Stanek office where I purchased my windows, no letter. I was told that they would be charging me $100.00 for a service call to repair, and tweek, 3 windows that were purchased between 2007 and 2009. I also had purchased a sliding patio door in 2006. That last one would not be covered for either parts or service. This is going to sound like a broken record, but the lifetime warranty was also the reason I paid a premium for these products. I am checking what recourse, if any, I have legally, but I doubt there is any as Stanek no longer exists as we all knew them. I am a handy person, so I will be picking up my covered parts at the ex-Stanek office, and installing them myself in the future. My fear is that Great Day will also go under, and leave me with no action plan. I am now recommending to anyone I discuss windows with to go with either Pella, Anderson, or Marvin. They are all financially strong, make a very good product, and I expect them to be around long after I am gone. For now, I plan to purchase “backup” parts for all of my Stanek windows so I have an option for years to come should Great Day shutter it’s doors too.

  15. I too purchased Stanek for the warranty in 2005 I have called them twice to get parts but all I get is lip service the dealer down here closed its doors lock stock and barrel and disappeared in the middle of the night.I will be contacting my lawyer on this issue and telling any body I know stay away from this outfit also notifying Angies list of same we need class action suite ASAP!

  16. I agree with David (August 1 post). Let’s band together and get a class action lawsuit, and notifiy our local ABC, NBC and Fox “troubleshooter” reporters.

  17. I called over three months ago about a shattered window because of defective material as others have stated. Others have fared much better then my self as I can’t even get Great Day to acknowledge I have Stanek Windows. There is a little know fact that Stanek had an issue with flooding back in the mid to late 90′s where company records were destroyed and never entered into the customer database. So with that said I called and explained the situation and Great Day seemed like they were aware of shattering windows for no apparent reason. Great Day had indicated that they could not find any record even though I produced a customer number along with an invoice number. I had explained what happened nad they indicated they would get back to me with a resolution. Well three months later and no CALL! Shocking not after reading all the posts on this web site. I agree that there needs to be some type of legal action taken on this matter. If anyone reads this from Great Day I would appreciate an email response THat is if you really have any customer service with in your company.

  18. So disappointed to hear this. I paid top dollar for my Stanek windows because of the lifetime warranty. Well folks, I’m sure you’d agree, there is no such thing as a LIFETIME warranty. I will surely be mindful of this on all future transactions. Thanks Stanek, you robbed me out of thousands of dollars. The right thing to do would be to send me $2,000 to make things right.

  19. we contacted Stanek Windows/Great Day Improvements regarding a torn screen repair, only to be told we no longer have a warranty. Oh, they will repair the screen if we bring it in, and pay for that service. We looked at a lot of window companies before we purchased our windows in 2009, and ultimately went with Stanek because of the warranty. When Great Day returned our call yesterday they provided absolutely no customer service at all – just another demonstration of the type of business Great Day Improvements provided, I suppose. Further proof to never contact them for anything.

  20. I too was surprised only to find out the picture window I bought in October of 2012 (2 months prior to the takeover) has no warranty. I have Stanek Windows throughout my house and also have issue’s with them and told the same thing, I can pay for parts and labor……what a crock. There should be a class action suit. I am not about going to court to sue, but come on……..I am also not about being screwed by this company

  21. My 3 year old Stanek windows have a defect and when I attempted to use my lifetime war. I experienced the same run-around from the local Milwaukee reps as those mentioned above. Evidently Great day believes they purchased the “Stanek wndows” name, logo, etc. but none of the liabilities of Stanek such as honoring an existing Warranty. Curiously enough, There is an advertisement in our local paper which states: Stanek windows (large font) by great day improvements (very small font) has been in business since 1953, offers a lifetime warranty and has 250,000 satisfied customer!
    Evidently Stanek is touting it’s wonderful reputation while using a shell game of ownership to avoid meeting it’s warranty obligations. They should have spent the effort on litigation avoidance. Please contact your state’s commerce department.

  22. I recently purchased a home where the previous owner had Stanek install all of the windows. I noticed that some of the windows have condensation but wasn’t concerned because since I saw on the Lifetime Warranty that as the purchaser of the home, I had a 10-year warranty. Unfortunately, Great Day isn’t honoring this and gave me a quote for materials and labor to have the windows replaced/fixed. Whatever happened to customer service?

  23. I have the same problem that when the weather changes the glass can break. I just called Stanek Windows today and they today me that I was to pay for this on my OWN because the lifetime warranty was cancelled when they were acquired. The problem that I have is I do not believe legally they can still go under the name Stanek Windows when they do that. Plus how can you ignore a customer. I had a dozen windows done by them and all the rep on the phone could say was “SORRY”. I don’t mind them charging me labor to come out and fix it. I get that but why the hell charge for material….. when it is their fault!!!!

  24. We purchased Stanek Windows in the 90′s and have had almost every one shatter at least once. We were told it was a bad batch of glass, but even some of the replacements have shattered. I haven’t been too upset about it because of the Lifetime Warranty, but now I’m worried. I guess “Lifetime Warranty” means nothing. Great Day should not be using the Stanek name if they won’t honor Stanek’s guarantee. I will also be contacting the BBB, Angie’s List and the Consumer Protection Agency.

  25. In 2005, I contracted with Stanek for installation of 2 windows with a contract price over $3,000. One of the windows has condensation between the interior glass surfaces, a problem specifically addresses in the warranty for a period of 10 years. Knowing Stanek was bought by Great Day Improvements, I contacted them regarding the warranty. They informed me that they only bought the name of the company and not the responsibilities to include warranty service. They will provide no replacement parts or service. I am unable to find the bankruptcy judgement provided to Stanek to see if there might be a responsible party or remedy.

  26. Like all of you……….got my surprise 15 minutes ago. I was told from Great Day (not so great day) Improvements the cost for a new window (leaking/condensation) would be almost $400.00. And…….the great deal for me is “NO LABOR/ONE TIME DEAL”.

    None of us can be pissed if Stanek went out of business legally by filing as such, but it looks like they actually sold the name which indicates otherwise, so this is criminal if the case.

  27. I as well found out that my faulty glass that has condensation is my responsibility. The lifetime warranty that I thought I had no linger exists with Stanek even though they still sell under that brand name. To me it is robbery. I purchased a sliding glass door and windows from Stanek and one main reason was because of the lifetime warranty. I too will do what I can to NOT RECOMMEND doing any business with Stanek and Great Day.

  28. Glass has ‘exploded’ 4 times in the same Stanek window of mine since 1999. With this week’s explosion, I learn I am ‘SOL’ as the expression goes. It took 3 days of calling to get someone to call me back and talk to about replacement. I will sure let everyone know in the Cleveland/Macedonia area what is going on with this company and NOT to do any business with Great Day, Patio Enclosures, etc. Seems shady that they are still going business under the Stanek name–maybe we all should contact the Ohio Attorney General.

    As many people have mentioned–should have went with Pella or Anderson. Lesson learned!

  29. Purchased our Stanek windows approx. 2006 and have been very happy. However, we are now seeing condensation on our windows and some icing this winter. Called Milwaukee area Stanek office to inquire about issue and was informed Stanek went out of business on 1/8/2013 but Great Day Improvements bought them out. To have someone come out now will cost $100 but they would discount to $50. Paid a lot of money for the windows – part of selling point was the lifetime warranty that was also transferable in part to next owner. Never received any notification that Stanek was being bought out nor notice that warranty would no longer be honored. Already filed complaint with BBB. Considering also bringing this to the attention of local networks.

  30. I have had the same issues with my STANEK Replacement Windows, last February 2013 we had a window shatter in my son’s room. I was then informed that I no longer had coverage under my Lifetime Warranty. I had to take the window to STANEK WINDOWS in Cuyahoga Heights and pay $85.00 to Replace the shattered glass pane in my Lifetime Warrantied Windows.

    January 2014 – I Currently have 5 Shattered STANEK Windows in my home (this includes the one I had to pay $85.00 to replace not even 1 year ago) (But lucky me, that window is now covered under warranty according to Angie at Stanek/Great day),that ONLY leaves me with the EXPENSE of the other 4, and what looks to be a few more waiting to explode by the look of the condensation building in the middle of several more of my STANEK Windows.

    It was my husband who was sold on Stanek windows, if you ask me (the wife), If Stanek windows are going to shatter every time it’s cold outside, I don’t want them in my home. Maybe they need to look further into the craftsmanship of the “Stanek Window”.

    I am a VERY Dis-satisfied Customer, I would just like some resolution to this issue, and I don’t mean $85.00 per pane either. If I have to pay that to have them replaced, I will most certainly go somewhere else.

    If anyone above has any ongoing knowledge of this situation, please email me at

  31. I contacted Stanek windows in November when my etched glass window shatter. I was told they were not honoring the contracts. I was transferred to another person, whom I was told could help me, but was currently on vacation. Left a message and still waiting for an answer. I will contact the BBB and Attorney General of Ohio..

  32. I too am a Stanek window customer. I like the rest of you have had random window shattering. This past time is was the 2 sidelights in my master bedroom. If they are covering the materials that will be fine with me. I can swap them out in a few minutes with a sharp knife. I have repairing my own large sliding patio doors since day one. I personally knew Ron Stanek and his wife years ago. Then the company went to his brother in law Mark now these guys have it. I hope Ron is happy with they way his father’s company was whored out.
    As far as great day improvements. Why they would purchase a company name and assets and simply throw away the liabilities is bad business. This means the Stanek window name is no better than Regency windows. When Fiat acquired all the assets from Chrysler do you think they told all the people who had purchased vehicles before the buyout to go pound salt? No they did not and now the Chrysler brand as well as the Fiat brand are doing very well in the USA. I think Great day should take a lesson from one of the largest auto companies in the world.
    The Equity in the Stanek name is worth nothing so why use it? I am planning a very large addition on my house and all need approximately 8$8000.00 in windows and patio doors. I think I will have to stay away from Stanek, patio enclosures and Great day improvements. As far as a class action lawsuit I am game on one if someone knows how to start it. My email is

  33. This is right from the great day improvements site.
    Stanek stands behind their windows with a Lifetime Material Warranty and a two-year warranty on labor. Customers will have peace of mind knowing that they’ve made the right choice for their home.
    I think it is time to start the complaints to BBB so they can lower the 250000 satisfied customers nation wide.

  34. They will not honor anything. Both my parents and I have all of our windows and patio doors by Stanek. My parents have had a problem with their very large picture window and I have had a problem with my patio door. The response I received was too bad were are not honoring any warranties but they would be more than happy to install a brand new window and door for several thousand dollars. The BBB is of no help. Hope Great day goes under, would serve them right. Used to recommend Stanek to everyone, now I tell everyone to stay away, no run away from this company.

  35. How can Great Day refuse to honor the Stanek warranties. That IS why people purchase Stanek windows. For the Lifetime Warranty. And that is why the people paid so much for the windows.

  36. To Customers of the Former Stanek Vinyl Windows Corporation:
    At Great Day Improvements, LLC we continue to monitor customer comments regarding the frustration and disappointment with the closure of the Stanek Vinyl Windows Corporation and the loss of warranty benefits for that company’s customers.
    To be clear, Great Day Improvements, LLC did not purchase the Stanek Vinyl Windows Corporation. It merely acquired the operating assets from the former company after they stopped doing business. The operating assets Great Day Improvements acquired included things like manufacturing machinery, materials and the rights to the Stanek brand name.
    Great Day Improvements began selling and manufacturing our re-engineered version of the Stanek brand window in the spring of 2013 in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Since then, we’ve (Great Day Improvements) made radical changes to the glass options offered in our Stanek brand windows improving the quality significantly over the former company’s product. Unfortunately, many of the glass options offered by the Stanek Vinyl Windows Corporation were prone to failure as noted in the numerous comments in this blog.
    Great Day Improvements recognizes the challenges created to consumers by the closing of any company. We pledge to work with all previous customers of the Stanek Vinyl Windows Corporation to provide service at the lowest reasonable price. Thank you.

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