Present With Passion

Aug 6th, 2015

Everyone has that familiar route they drive every day. Have you ever gotten to your destination and said, “How did I get here?” We all have. Our memory allows us to put certain unemotional things on remote control. When you do things over and over again, it’s really easy to put them on remote control. […]

Sales Entrepreneurship: It Takes Work to Stay Sharp

Jul 2nd, 2015

I was talking to an old industry friend this past week about private equity companies solidifying their stakes in our industry. Along with this, we have seen several companies go public and several companies that have merged. This is not limited to just manufacturers, either. There has been so much exciting growth in our industry, […]

Is Florida Prepared for a Hurricane?

Jun 8th, 2015

June 1 marked the official start of hurricane season. Fortunately, Florida has gone through a decade without a hurricane making landfall (the longest time between hurricanes that I can remember). Going back to 2005 when the last hurricanes impacted Florida, it was one of the worst years on record. Then, five hurricanes and two tropical […]

How to Successfully Train New Employees

May 12th, 2015

Our industry continues on pace for solid growth again this year.  And with another strong year evolving, we’re all having to add new employees.  This is a terrific effect from the growing building products sector.  It doesn’t matter if you are a manufacturer or a home improvement company — we all seem to be hiring […]

Without this Trait, You Won’t Make it

Apr 6th, 2015

Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate to meet lots of salespeople and business owners. I think it’s safe to say that in 25 years, I’ve presented to thousands of salespeople and hundreds of businesses. Though I was considered the trainer in those presentations, it was not uncommon for me to learn from my trainees. […]

How to Achieve Work/Life Balance in the Door and Window World

Mar 19th, 2015

Have you ever been accused of working all the time? Are you accessible to everyone even while you are enjoying some ”down time”? And are you always checking your phone for messages and texts so you can respond quickly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re part of a growing trend in […]

Business Pricing: A Vital Part of Your Year-End Review

Feb 5th, 2015

As we gear up for another year, I was recently assisting a customer with his year-end business review. This customer has been in business for more than two decades and has successfully grown it. He “right-sized” his company during the recession, and it started growing again last year. But there was one thing bugging him. […]

The Law of Supply and Demand

Jan 15th, 2015

With the price of oil down significantly, people have more money in their pockets to spend. It’s almost like everyone is getting a tax rebate every time they go to the gas pump. It seems that this drop in gas prices is going to last a while, and I think people in the replacement window […]

What Businesses Can Learn From Political Campaigns

Nov 13th, 2014

The midterm elections are finally over. Whether you like politics are not, one thing you have to say is politicians know how to advertise. The TV commercials, the direct mail pieces, radio spots, phone calls, yard signs, canvassers and social media placement – they have their signature and brand everywhere and certainly in front of […]

Positive Attitudes and the News Don’t Mix

Oct 13th, 2014

This may sound odd to many of you but I have basically stopped watching the news. A friend of mine, Jeffrey Gitomer, told me if you want to stay positive, “Don’t watch the news.” In the age of the Internet and the 24 hour news cycle, it’s not easy to avoid the news – but […]