Plavecsky’s Ponderings

Section 179-Still Some Savings to Be Had

Nov 6th, 2014

Last year at this time I wrote about Section 179 advising anyone considering an equipment purchase to complete the sale and get the equipment installed by the end of the year. Well, section 179 is still hanging around for tax year 2014. This year the tax benefit for has been much reduced but can still […]

Helping Customers with Quality

Oct 16th, 2014

As a sales agent representing component suppliers, I engage in the exercise of the quality audit routinely. The word audit has somewhat of a harsh connotation most likely related to the activities of the IRS. However, the purpose of the quality audits performed by this agent are not to find mistakes which end up costing […]

The Peak of the Selling Season Commences So Remember the Four L’s

Sep 29th, 2014

We are now heading into the heart of the busy selling season, and for window manufacturers, the fall season is a bit like Christmastime to a retailer. It is time to pull out all the stops and sell! When it comes to selling, remember to arm your salespeople with the knowledge and sales aids to […]

Make Your Move

Sep 11th, 2014

This week I’m in Vegas attending GlassBuild America. The show is just wrapping up. Many window manufacturers were here actively searching for new solutions that will take them into 2015 and poised for the new Energy Star requirements that will take effect in 2016. There is so much to see this year and window company […]

The Heat is On

Aug 26th, 2014

Now is the time of the year that we put the efficiency of our manufacturing operations to the true test. Orders are pouring in, and there are only so many hours in the day. One cannot afford to get too far behind and disappoint our customers, yet one also cannot afford to let quality slip […]

Make Every Day a Training Day

Aug 14th, 2014

As the busiest time of year descends upon us, many door and window fabricators are finding quality labor in short supply. Many of the jobs in a window factory are quite repetitious and the plant environments are hot and dusty which leads to boredom, exhaustion and eventually attrition. In many areas, keeping a drug free […]

“They Aren’t Your Grandma’s Doors & Windows Anymore!”

Jul 28th, 2014

Several weeks ago I was invited to join a customer on a sight inspection at an older home which was getting completely renovated. This was a beautiful home in a gorgeous location, and it definitely screamed for new doors and windows. This time energy efficiency was taking a back seat to something which was far […]

What Are You Known For?

Jun 30th, 2014

A few years back I was traveling through southern Ohio with my wife Heidi when she said, “We need to stop by my Uncle Tom’s ice cream store in Jackson, Ohio.” Well, I am not really into ice cream, but I thought it would be nice to meet Uncle Tom. When we arrived I was […]

How Long Should A Window Last?

Jun 12th, 2014

Several weeks ago, I received a phone call from a homeowner who was rather upset about his wood windows. The windows were still functioning well with the exception of the insulating glass, which was imploding, causing the glass to visually distort. “Why are you calling me?” I asked, and “where did you get my name?” […]

Stay Tuned for Sound Control

May 29th, 2014

We spend a great deal of time talking about and comparing the energy efficiency of windows. But now that summer is upon us, it is time to focus another great reason to replace those old windows: peace and quiet! The sounds of lawnmowers, screaming kids, barking dogs, motorcycles, trucks, planes, trains and automobiles can all […]