Farewell, Tim Harris

Apr 30th, 2015

The year was 1986. I was employed as a product manager in the industrial division of a company called Tremco. Tremco was always known as a leader in sealant, roofing and waterproofing technology. At the time, our division was the red-headed step-child of the company, running on the “foolish” premise that a sealant could be […]

‘Solid Year of Growth’ Prediction Still Looking Good

Apr 2nd, 2015

I just returned from Elkhart, Ind., which is one of the major centers in the nation for RV production. The customers I visited there report that they are busier than ever before with first-quarter sales in RV doors and windows far surpassing their projections. Having been calling on this neck of the woods for many […]

Why the Spring Sales Meeting is So Important

Mar 12th, 2015

Now is the best time of year to get your sales team together for training. They are the soldiers you will rely on to win the battle and gain the sale. A well-trained sales team is vital in today’s competitive marketplace. They aren’t just out there taking orders. Arm them with knowledge, arm them with […]

Playing in the Red Zone: Can You Win?

Feb 24th, 2015

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently published a map showing how the states rank in the return to normal levels of housing production. As I glanced at the map, published in the December-January issue of DWM, I said to myself, “Wow, what a challenge for my customers, and consequently for my business as […]

Fabrication Software Might Be the Tool that Gives You an Edge

Feb 12th, 2015

With the window industry growing again and quality labor in short supply, window fabricators need to investigate every available option to increase production efficiency, reduce lead times and improve quality to remain competitive. That being said, a growing number of door and window customers, both large and small, are beginning to look into the benefits of […]

Sunlight on the Horizon for the Door and Window Industry

Jan 27th, 2015

Is it just me, or is January the best time of the year for sales calls? Sure, it’s a real pain to travel in January when the weather is at its worst, but if you sit down with a door and window fabricator this month, you’re often rewarded with a much more relaxed and contemplative […]

HERS RESNET Program: Something for Marketing to Consider

Jan 13th, 2015

This week, I got a letter in the mail from Columbia Gas of Ohio with a very colorful chart which immediately caught my attention. It showed my home’s natural gas usage vs. similar homes in the area, as well as compared to efficient similar homes. The similar homes are defined as 100 nearby homes that […]

2014 Was a Fun Ride – What Did We Learn?

Dec 16th, 2014

It seems like just yesterday it was January, and the continental U.S. was being treated by Mother Nature to some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in a long time. On January 7, more than 50 primary weather observation stations in major cities across the country saw record lows for the date. For a good […]

Thanksgiving – A Time to Give Thanks and Show Appreciation

Nov 25th, 2014

This is a week to reflect and give thanks. Nearly all of my customers are reporting a year of strong sales growth. In fact, the majority are insanely busy right now. Remodeling activity is very strong and new construction is making a modest comeback. Door and window manufacturers are quite optimistic about the next few […]

Section 179-Still Some Savings to Be Had

Nov 6th, 2014

Last year at this time I wrote about Section 179 advising anyone considering an equipment purchase to complete the sale and get the equipment installed by the end of the year. Well, section 179 is still hanging around for tax year 2014. This year the tax benefit for has been much reduced but can still […]