Listen Closely!

May 1st, 2014

-+*We speak at a rate of about 150 words per minute (wpm). But, we can hear at a rate of about 1,000 wpm. This gives us a lot of extra time! What do we do with this time? This seems to be the downfall of many and how well we do or don’t listen! Our […]

A Discussion between a CEO and a CFO, Part 3

Apr 18th, 2014

-+*After he got off the phone with the CEO, the CFO now had to re-write his notes from the phone call. The CEO did the same thing; he jumped on the Internet and did his own research. He found another study that discusses the return on investment (ROI) for sales training. Here is what he […]

A Discussion between a CEO and CFO, Part II

Apr 4th, 2014

-+*After the day passed, the chief financial officer (CFO), determined to learn more about why sales training is a good thing, jumped in his car and headed home for the evening. After an uneventful dinner, he moved into his office and wanted to wrap his brain around the resistance he always had to sales training. […]

Two Co-Workers Walk into a Bar…

Mar 20th, 2014

-+*We have all seen it, heard it and maybe even participated in it. You have had a great day at work, accomplished a lot, received a compliment from someone in leadership in your company and maybe even received a written “thank you” from one of your new clients you just acquired. As you are sitting […]

A Discussion Between a CEO and a CFO

Mar 6th, 2014

-+*As the day began to draw to a close, and the sun was beginning to set in the horizon, the CEO and CFO were about to cross paths in the hallway. The CFO always has money on his mind as his world is based upon one simple fact, whether or not the actions that he […]

What Did You Just Say?

Feb 20th, 2014

-+*FACT: Poor listening skills cost our companies millions of dollars each year. FACT: Good listening skills are one of our greatest assets for successful relationships, negotiations and conflict resolution. This month we want to briefly explore our own listening skills and what can be done to improve them. First, let’s look at some definitions that […]

Is It Okay to Have Expectations?

Feb 13th, 2014

-+*Have you ever wondered what makes a good company even better? What is the key to organizational success and a healthy bottom line? You might be surprised at the answer being the same for all three questions: people. But not just any people, rather, committed and productive people. That was easy. Not so fast … […]

Are You Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?

Jan 30th, 2014

-+*This edition of my blog will help you understand more about yourself as well as those with whom you come into contact. It is very helpful to be able to understand how learning happens so that you can communicate with your team, your partners and how others can communicate with you. If you have ever […]

Selling to your Audience

Jan 6th, 2014

-+*As we start a new year, 87 percent of adults will have at least one New Year’s resolution. By the end of January, only half of those that started it will continue into February. I love that statistic for a couple of reasons. First, I know that in the past, I was not alone as […]

The Problem with Problem Solving

Dec 19th, 2013

-+*“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ―Albert Einstein What wisdom that this simple sentence shares with us. While I think that we are all good problem solvers, there are times that we do what Albert Einstein warned us against. So, today, I want to share with you […]