Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!

Nov 24th, 2014

I would guess that most of us were told growing up, the statement “Don’t just stand there, do something!” Compare this statement to the headline and note the difference. Both statements use the same words, but because they’re in a different order, it makes the meaning the complete opposite. It is helpful to understand both […]

Reactions to the Box!

Nov 10th, 2014

Fred watched quietly as the room filled on this gloomy Thursday morning. The line at the coffee pot at the back of the conference room made it clear to him that most were there out of obligation rather than by choice. The few people that seemed to be there by choice were today overshadowed by […]

They Don’t Trust You for the Same Reason You Don’t Trust Them

Oct 30th, 2014

If you have ever started a new business relationship with a manufacturer or vendor, you know the drill. At first, you both meet to do your best to “sell” yourself to the other person. It looks like a dance of peacocks that are showing off their feathers to see who is the best, brightest and […]

Is “Control” a Good Thing?

Oct 9th, 2014

Has anyone ever called you a “control freak,” or “controlling?” With as many things as are seemingly out of our control, it’s no wonder that we want to control as much as we can! Now, shift your focus away from your personal life and focus on your business life for a second … As you […]

The Double Standard in Sales…

Sep 25th, 2014

The door slammed harder than normal which usually meant one of two things. She was mad about something that happened at work today, or she was excited about something that happened. Either way, I was about to find out. “I can’t believe what a great deal I got today at lunch,” she proudly blurted out […]

Is Your Follow-up Too Passive or Too Aggressive?

Sep 4th, 2014

Is Your Follow-up Too Passive or Too Aggressive? As the sales manager asked this question to his team, he could feel the mood in the conference room shift. The typical sales meeting is where the group of sales professionals all climb into the small conference room, compare notes, discuss some of their sales strategies and leave […]

Have You Checked on Your Business Lately?

Aug 21st, 2014

Recently, I got something in the mail from our insurance carrier stating that it was time for me to check my cholesterol level. According to the literature, it was easy, free and they felt it was the right time. As I read this, I thought to myself the following … How do they know that […]

One of the Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask Yourself…

Aug 11th, 2014

Welcome! There are times in life that you get asked intense questions. These are questions that, if used properly, can re-shape your life. As a leader, whether in your family, or in your business, you get to answer this most important question… Do you want to be right, or do you want to be effective? […]

Catch Me Doing Something Right, Please?

Jul 25th, 2014

Recently, I was on my motorcycle on a beautiful, hot sunny Saturday afternoon racing down the highway when I was interrupted by a small, lazy out of the way town. It just kind of crept up on me. I was somewhat familiar with the area, but this was a spot that the speed limit went […]

Give Me an Attitude … Please!

Jul 10th, 2014

When I was growing up, my dad would tell me more often that I care to admit, “Son, don’t give me an attitude!” It was usually when I was doing something that was contrary to what he wanted me to do. If he wanted the grass cut and I thought that I had a better […]