Can You Teach Doors & Windows?

Sep 16th, 2014

-+*Fall is here. Students are back in school. It’s time for door and window specialists to take homeowners to school and teach them about the door and window replacement project, too. I have said before, “The educated consumer is my best friend.” The successful door and window specialist knows that educating the consumer leads to […]

Doors & Windows with Style!

Sep 9th, 2014

-+*There is a growing trend in the remodeling marketplace. Homeowners are purchasing new doors and windows with the primary goal to improve the look and style of the homeowner’s architectural fashion sense.

Teenage Tiny House Builder on “Tiny House Nation”

Sep 1st, 2014

-+*“Tiny House Nation” is a new TV Show about homes smaller than 500 square feet. They’re looking for people planning to live in a Tiny House and I told them about my 19-year-old son. Mark wants to live in a Tiny House for some very good reasons: He likes the idea of saving money on […]

Would you Like a Side of Doors & Windows?

Aug 12th, 2014

-+*Clients are renewing their home with new siding far more often this year. More people who are replacing siding are replacing their doors and windows as well. Are you and your company prepared to take the best advantage of this growing trend? If you are a door and window installation specialist, you may consider partnering […]

InstallationMasters™ Dream Home or Amateur Nightmare?

Aug 5th, 2014

-+*The growing trend of “Whole House” exterior remodeling projects – where clients also replace doors and windows when they replace siding or stucco – made me think about how many different types of siding surfaces, casings and window types an exterior remodeling specialist must be intimately familiar with today. Keeping air and water out of […]

Think Positive!

Jul 29th, 2014

-+*I’ve really been enjoying Dave Molenda’s “Positive Polarity” blogs here at DWM/Shelter magazine. If you haven’t had a chance to read his articles yet, do yourself a favor and check them out. Dave’s messages are upbeat with a lot of emphasis on positive thinking. They are also very real. When I read Dave’s recent article […]

Shark Week

Jul 17th, 2014

-+*“Mark, you’re like a shark,” a client told me last week. I was surprised and a little hurt. Sharks have a notorious reputation. Sharks are thought of as predators who circle swimmers and boaters, killing and maiming the defenseless and unaware. The Great White’s portrayal in the movie “Jaws” strikes fear in a coastal community […]

Daddy, Where Do Leads Come From?

May 27th, 2014

-+*My son is joining me in business and he asked me “The Question” yesterday. He wanted to know where leads come from. He’s old enough to know the stork does not deliver new leads so I told him about the birds and the bees. I told my son, “Leads are the natural result of a […]

Mayday! May Day!

May 20th, 2014

-+*Are you in distress or dancing this spring? “Mayday” is a call for help internationally recognized by mariners and aviators as the signal there is a life-threatening emergency. The cry of “Mayday” has saved the lives of many and been the final words of others. “May Day,” on the other hand, is a celebration of […]

Why Confuse the Customer?

Apr 29th, 2014

-+*Is selling a door or window for the lowest price without regard for energy efficiency or structural strength the best way to get new business? Do we have a responsibility to educate the end-consumer and make it easier to understand door and window test data? The door and window industry is regulated you’ll spend a […]