Acing ASTM Testing

March 1st, 2011 by DWM Magazine

Successful door and window manufacturers strive to produce the highest quality products, in part through using adhesives that meet appropriate ASTM standards. The standards ensure water-resistant bonds that will hold up through the years, retaining the lasting performance and beauty of your windows and exterior doors.

These standards also strengthen market confidence in the industry and elevate you, as an ASTM-compliant manufacturer, for your dedication to quality.

Adhesives manufacturers, too, are committed to providing you adhesives that meet and surpass ASTM specifications. Certified laboratories conduct rigorous third-party testing to ensure that our adhesives meet critical performance standards.

However, if you want to make sure your products consistently meet high ASTM standards, you don’t want to rely solely upon the results of this testing alone. Although the glues met tough ASTM specifications during third-party laboratory testing, they should be validated in your production operation. You can’t necessarily replicate third-party laboratory testing results in manufacturing processes at your plant. Not all adhesives companies can perform this testing for you.

To ensure that your doors and windows do, indeed, pass the test, you might want to give ASTM “pop quizzes” throughout the year. At Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, we suggest that our customers conduct internal ASTM testing monthly as a minimum and top that off with an annual “final exam” through a certified or licensed third-party testing laboratory. In conjunction with this testing, we also recommend regular reviews of manufacturing processes to ensure correct adhesives application.

It’s better for you to identify the risk of joint failure now than to risk the durability of your products – and even your hard-earned reputation – later.

Adhesives play a vital role in the long-term performance of your products. Full adherence to ASTM standards can only help you meet your own high standards for quality.

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