Tru Tech Doors: “This is the Year We Grow”

March 17, 2014

The expansion of Tru Tech Doors is just another example that things are looking up for many door and window manufacturers. The company is expanding production capabilities at its Fredericksburg, Va., plant.

“We have taken on another building in the same business park,” explains chief operating officer James Wilson. “We are expanding operations to increase production in fiberglass doors and glass distribution.

He adds that the expansion has been in the works for a while. “We knew we would need extra space,” he says. “This is the year we grow the business.”

This increased space for production of its fiberglass doors is partly due to the fact that the company expanded its fiberglass door offerings last year.

‘This is exactly the time to invest again,” says Wilson. “We are also bringing in new equipment and making purchases.”

If this is the year to grow, what does the company forecast?

“Right now we are expecting a 20-percent increase over last year,” he says.

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