GlassCraft Door Offers LVL Wood Plank Doors

April 3, 2014

SqTopPlankDoorMetalStrapsFspkGlassCraft Door Co. has introduced a method of door construction that it says produces superior performing wood plank doors. Using a Laminated Veneer Lumber or “LVL” method, the plank doors are constructed with hundreds of individual long pieces of wood that have been laminated together for strength and durability. This is similar to a laminated timber beam that’s been bonded with durable moisture-resistant structural adhesives for maximum durability, the company explains.

The LVL construction continues throughout the entire plank door, and the company says that ensures long lasting, strong and heavy-duty doors that are resistant to cracking and warping. GlassCraft’s plank doors are available in varying thicknesses: standard 1¾- and a 2¼-inch thick door; and are available as single and double doors with premium options such as straps, clavos and speakeasies.


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