Intek Plastics Awarded for Sustainability

Intek Plastics Inc., ,a custom plastics extruder, announced that it has received an Andersen Corp. Supply Chain Award in the sustainability category for successfully decreasing its electrical consumption by more than 1 million kilowatt hours or 17 percent in 2010, and reducing its material scrap by 24 percent in the same period.

Energy efficiency achievements related to air compressors, exhaust systems and air conditioning units, resulted in a 17 percent reduction in energy use in 2010

Changes in inventory storage and processing, including use of customer-owned reusable shipping crates, reduced corrugated waste significantly. A broader company-wide scrap reduction effort has netted a 24 percent drop in material scrap and 30 percent decrease in waste sent to the landfill. The program has been driven by employees, who collectively received $190,000 in cash incentives for leading the waste reduction and material reutilization initiative.

Steve Kirby, vice president, supply chain services for Andersen Corp., presented the award to Intek’s energy steering committee, and explained the award’s origin. The Supply Chain Awards stemmed from an Andersen initiative to promote innovation and sustainability that would create advantages across the supply chain.

“Not only did we do right by the environment,” says Mike Kinning, president of Intek Plastics. “We also did a lot of right things for the company and the bottom line, which is really important in this economy. Our energy steering committee is to be applauded for their great leadership and direction in identifying and implementing improvements in the plant and office.”

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