Featured Products

ProVia Embarq Fiberglass Entry Door

Feb 11th, 2016

ProVia says its Embarq fiberglass entry doors are the most energy-efficient entry doors in the U.S. market. Key features of Embarq fiberglass entry doors • A U-factor of 0.10, which the company says is the lowest recorded heat conduction measurement for entry doors in the U.S.; • The Embarq is two and a half inches thick, which […]

Northern Architectural Products Pinnacle 2-Bar Hinge

Feb 10th, 2016

Northern Architectural Products Inc. (NAP), a division on The Accurate Group, has created a 2-bar hinge that the company says is the first on the market capable of carrying mass weights, including the heavier loads associated with triple-glazed windows. The new residential Pinnacle 2-bar concealed hinge is available in standard 7/16-inch stack height or the new […]

Krownlab Baldur Sliding Door Hardware

Feb 10th, 2016

Architectural hardware designer and manufacturer Krownlab introduces Baldur, a hubless sliding-door hardware system for commercial and large residential interiors. Baldur can be attached to door panels in three different ways – top mount, face mount and flass mount – and can be used in a variety of door configurations. Its patented hubless design employs custom massive […]

Wedge TLS Full-Length Door-Locking System

Feb 8th, 2016

Wedge TLS (Total Locking System) is a new full-length lock that the company says forms a continuous seal between the door edge and jamb. For decades, consumers have had to rely on a combination of deadbolts and weatherstripping to achieve this connection. According to the company, Wedge TLS delivers the strength of 75 deadbolts with 75 times the contact over […]

Weather Shield Multi-Slide Door

Feb 8th, 2016

Multi-Slide 5-7

Weather Shield Windows & Doors has introduced its new multi-slide door in the Premium Series and the Contemporary Collection to accommodate openings as large as 50 feet wide and 10 feet tall in high-end custom homes. The new multi-slide door is available in single and bi-parting configurations, as well as a 90-degree corner configuration. It can either nest at the […]

Crystal Pacific Vista PLUS Vinyl Window

Feb 5th, 2016

Crystal Pacific Vista PLUS slider vinyl window

Crystal Pacific Window & Door Systems introduces the Vista PLUS window line. It complements the company’s existing Vista window and sliding patio door lines. The Crystal Pacific Vista PLUS windows are available in an array of styles including single and triple sliders, single hung, picture, geometric shapes and combination units. The 3¼-inch jamb depth windows can […]

Improveit 360 One-Org

Feb 5th, 2016


Improveit 360 has launched One-Org for franchises and manufacturers. The new solution acts as a single platform to bring an entire network together into one system, with web-based accessibility and enhanced by custom mobile apps. Now a franchisor and franchisees, or a manufacturer and its distributor/dealer network, can have all their communication, data and business functionality […]

Tespro In-Line Quality Control Window Testing System

Jan 11th, 2016

Many door and window manufacturers are using their own test equipment to perform in-house research, development and quality control.  This allows new products to be developed quickly, at reduced cost, and more reliably than when design assemblies are tested at an external facility, and can ensure that ongoing production is up to standard.   Tespro’s In-Line […]

Custom Protect Ear dB Blockers

Dec 16th, 2015

Custom Protect Ear’s dB Blocker ear plugs are custom-molded to each worker’s ear.  The company’s representatives go to the plant to take impressions of each worker’s ear canal and outer ear in a process that usually takes about ten minutes per worker. The custom impression is sent to the lab where the device, which is […]

Apex RE-9218 PVC Compound

Dec 16th, 2015

Teknor Apex  has produced a new rigid PVC compound for outdoor applications that the company says provides excellent weather- and UV-resistance along with superior performance in processing and fabrication and improved surface appearance. Apex RE-9218 compound is an optimized and competitively priced alternative to existing rigid PVC products that are designed to resist the UV […]