Exhibitors Report Positive Feedback on China Glass 2014 EDTM reported it saw a good flow of booth traffic during the China Glass Expo.

    Glass industry companies from around the world have been in China this week, taking part in the 25th China Glass Expo. The event, which concludes April 17, is taking place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Exhibitors have been showcasing their latest glass fabricating equipment and machinery, tools, supplies, components and more. Mark Imbrock, [...]

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High-Performance Windows

DWM magazine has compiled a list of manufacturers who offer high-performance windows, to serve as a resource for both the industry and the end consumer.

View our list of high-performance window manufacturers here.

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Did you know that April 6 is Window Safety Week?

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Previous Survey Results

What did you think of President Obama's State of the Union address as it relates to manufacturing and housing?

  • None of the above are enough. Much more needs to be done to strengthen the economy. (97%)
  • I was glad to hear that the administration will convene a group of CEOs and other leaders to talk about the best ways to incorporate unemployed Americans back into the workforce. (3%)
  • I was glad to see the President address housing and that he wants to work to strengthen the housing market. (0%)
  • I was glad to hear the news that the President will be increasing the minimum wage for federal contract workers. (0%)
  • I was glad to see the President is directing vice president Biden to conduct a review of the federal job-training system. (0%)
  • I was glad to see that the President will encourage the construction of factories that rely on natural gas. (0%)
  • I was overall pleased with the address and the steps the President is taking to strengthen the economy. (0%)
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Door and Window Musings
By Tara Taffera
Publisher, DWM Magazine

Door and Window Musings by Tara Taffera Highlights and Insights from Fensterbau

When I attend North American trade shows or events it is my tradition to compile my best of list. Or maybe it’s not really a best of. It’s a compilation of the people I met, the products I saw and the takeaways received at various events. Though this is my first time at fensterbau/frontale, being [...]

Plavecsky’s Ponderings
By Jim Plavecsky
Owner, Windowtech Sales

Plavecsky's Ponderings By Jim Plavecsky Bend Your Demand Curve

Many window manufacturers are reporting that sales this year are off to a slow start due to one of the worst winters we have seen in some time. Windows built in January and February piled up in warehouses as customers called to postpone installations. Installation crews were slowed down or some just postponed the job [...]

Collins, the Trend Tracker
By Mike Collins
Partner, Building Industry Advisors

Collins The Trend Tracker Analyzing the Data

There are enough government and private agencies reporting key economic data that a new release comes out every few days. It can be difficult to form an accurate picture because the myriad data out there seldom point in the same direction at the same time. While this is a source of frustration for door and [...]

Tyson’s Take
By Tyson Schwartz
VP sales and marketing, Soft-Lite

Tyson's Take Just Another Snowstorm

It seems this winter we just prepare for our “weekly snowstorm.” It doesn’t matter if you live in Minnesota, Georgia, New England, Texas, etc. This winter has been unusually harsh and it has not spared any part of the country. It reminds me of those winters we experienced year in and year out 25-30 years ago. When [...]

Milanese Remodeling
By Mark Milanese
Owner, Milanese Remodeling Inc.

Milanese Remodeling Crash Test Ratings for Doors and Windows

An educated consumer is my best friend. The homeowner who understands the options is more likely to make good decisions when purchasing new doors and windows. But comparing differences in doors and windows can be confusing. The door and window industry likes to complicate and confuse data that should make it easy for consumers to [...]

Positive Polarity
By Dave Molenda
Founder, Positive Polarity, LLC

Positive Polarity A Discussion between a CEO and a CFO, Part 3

After he got off the phone with the CEO, the CFO now had to re-write his notes from the phone call. The CEO did the same thing; he jumped on the Internet and did his own research. He found another study that discusses the return on investment (ROI) for sales training. Here is what he [...]

The View From Here
By Ric Jackson
Director of Government Relations
Quanex Building Products

The View From Here 2014 Bills to Watch

Many sources allege that the 113th Congress (2013-2015) is on pace to be the least productive in history. According to www.govtrack.us, there are 7,829 bills and resolutions currently before the United States Congress and, of those, only about 5 percent will become law. Despite a lack of confidence in Congress’s ability to get things done, [...]