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High-Performance Windows

DWM magazine has compiled a list of manufacturers who offer high-performance windows, to serve as a resource for both the industry and the end consumer.

View our list of high-performance window manufacturers here.

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Door and Window Musings
By Tara Taffera
Publisher, DWM Magazine

Door and Window Musings By Tara Taffera
Why, What and How to Diversify?

Okay, those questions won’t get answered in this one short blog, but diversification of your door and window business is a valid question to consider. On the other hand, you may not need to expand. But even if you have only offered doors and windows, I’m sure at some point you have at least considered […]

A New Perspective
By Trey Barrineau
Editor, DWM Magazine

A New Perspective by Trey Barrineau
We Know You Work With Great Women — Tell Us About Them!

I’m coming up on nine months here at DWM covering the fenestration industry, and among the many things I’ve observed about the field during that time, this one perhaps stands out most of all: This business is still dominated by men. Statistics bear that out. According to the Department of Labor, women only make up about nine percent […]

Plavecsky’s Ponderings
By Jim Plavecsky
Owner, Windowtech Sales

Plavecsky's Ponderings By Jim Plavecsky
The Triple Advantage of Triple-Pane Window Design

As I travel visiting window fabricators, I’m seeing an increasing interest in the marketing of triple-pane window designs. These are the three reasons that I see triple-pane windows growing in popularity in the coming years: U-Value Optimization Larger air gaps lead to increases in convection. Air has more space to circulate; as it does so, […]

Collins, the Trend Tracker
By Mike Collins
Partner, Building Industry Advisors

Collins The Trend Tracker
Pella Opens a New Door

Pella recently announced that the company will begin offering overhead doors, along with their traditional window, patio and entry door products. Pella isn’t the first major window manufacturer to enter the garage-door fray. When we first began to focus on the door and window industry in 2006, Jeld-Wen offered a complete line of garage doors. It was […]

Tyson’s Take
By Tyson Schwartz
VP sales and marketing, Soft-Lite

Tyson's Take
Present With Passion

Everyone has that familiar route they drive every day. Have you ever gotten to your destination and said, “How did I get here?” We all have. Our memory allows us to put certain unemotional things on remote control. When you do things over and over again, it’s really easy to put them on remote control. […]

Milanese Remodeling
By Mark Milanese
Owner, Milanese Remodeling

Milanese Remodeling By Mark Milanese
Be Curious … And Be Profitable

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it never killed a sale. In fact, the lack of curiosity could be the biggest reason a potential client doesn’t buy or an existing client doesn’t repeat business with you or become the ultimate prize – a loyal customer. If you presume the client is only interested in […]

Positive Polarity
By Dave Molenda
Founder, Positive Polarity, LLC

Positive Polarity
The Fine Line of Follow-Up

Vlogger Dave Molenda tells how to be assertive in sales without being aggressive. Dave Molenda Blog 2 FINE from concannon communications on Vimeo.

The View From Here
By Ric Jackson
Director of Government Relations
Quanex Building Products

The View From Here
From Grim to Optimistic: The First 7 Months of the 114th Congress

While there might be a lot of noise in the political world as 2016 presidential hopefuls kick off their campaigns, the halls of Capitol Hill are eerily quiet. With August recess upon us, let’s take a moment to reflect on the year so far. January-March The View from Here: Grim The 114th Congress convened for […]

Fenestration Innovation
By Ray Garries
Global Fenestration Advisors

Fenestration Innovation
These Nine Industry Innovators Deserve Recognition

In our industry, there’s a select group of people who are true innovators. In this blog, we discuss product innovation primarily, but system innovation is also important. The individuals that make that happen are the ones behind the “rules of the road” we all follow. They constantly work to improve our industry and protect it. […]