New Organization Aims to Rate Window Attachments FMTH1CJ4X1

    The newly launched Attachments Energy Ratings Council (AERC), which is part of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, seeks to start a rating, labeling and certification program for energy efficiency in window attachments such as blinds, shades, shutters, drapes, awnings and solar shades. The organization was formed in January and is supported by $1.6 million in […]

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High-Performance Windows

DWM magazine has compiled a list of manufacturers who offer high-performance windows, to serve as a resource for both the industry and the end consumer.

View our list of high-performance window manufacturers here.

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Door and Window Musings
By Tara Taffera
Publisher, DWM Magazine

Door and Window Musings By Tara Taffera
Have You Had Your Lead Training Refresher?

Many of you may remember that I took (and passed) the Certified Renovator training required by the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule) requires that firms performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and pre-schools built before 1978 must be certified […]

A New Perspective
By Trey Barrineau
Editor, DWM Magazine

A New Perspective by Trey Barrineau
Crystal Finds a Clear Formula for Success

There’s one thing I’ve learned during my brief time covering the door and window industry – surprising, fascinating stories are around every corner.  I found another one this week in Queens, N.Y., where I rounded a lot of corners to get to Crystal Window & Door Systems’ remarkable 215,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. This fast-growing company does almost everything inside the […]

Plavecsky’s Ponderings
By Jim Plavecsky
Owner, Windowtech Sales

Plavecsky's Ponderings By Jim Plavecsky
Say What You’ll Do and Do What You Say

If I could give one piece of advice to young business people trying to make their mark in the world, it would be this: Quit trying to make your mark. Just say what you’ll do, and do what you say! When a potential customer asks if you can deliver product with zero defects 100 percent […]

Collins, the Trend Tracker
By Mike Collins
Partner, Building Industry Advisors

Collins The Trend Tracker
Where Are All the Buyouts?

With summer and the midpoint of 2015 upon us, the question on our mind this week is “Where are all the door and window merger and acquisitions (M&A) transactions?” With five months of the year behind us as of today, we have tracked only one large deal and one small deal that was not announced. […]

Tyson’s Take
By Tyson Schwartz
VP sales and marketing, Soft-Lite

Tyson's Take
Is Florida Prepared for a Hurricane?

June 1 marked the official start of hurricane season. Fortunately, Florida has gone through a decade without a hurricane making landfall (the longest time between hurricanes that I can remember). Going back to 2005 when the last hurricanes impacted Florida, it was one of the worst years on record. Then, five hurricanes and two tropical […]

Milanese Remodeling
By Mark Milanese
Owner, Milanese Remodeling

Milanese Remodeling By Mark Milanese
Camelot’s Crusaders: The Sites That Can Boost Your Business

In my previous blog post in my “Camelot” series a couple of weeks ago, I illustrated how your Facebook for Business page can act as the queen of your social media efforts. Last week, I showed how grateful I am to Facebook for helping bring customers to my company. In this post, I point out […]

Positive Polarity
By Dave Molenda
Founder, Positive Polarity, LLC

Positive Polarity
Listen With Your Eyes

Have you ever considered listening with your eyes? While that sounds totally impossible, listen to this short Video Blog and see for yourself that it is not only possible, but actually extremely important! Dave Molenda Blog 4 FINE from concannon communications on Vimeo.

The View From Here
By Ric Jackson
Director of Government Relations
Quanex Building Products

The View From Here
Better Buildings Approaches Halfway Mark, Shows Progress

We are now four years into the Better Buildings initiative, a program that aims to improve energy use in commercial, residential and public buildings by 20 percent over a 10-year period. I attended the annual summit in May, along with 900 others, to hear firsthand about some encouraging progress, as well as some educational gaps […]

Fenestration Innovation
By Ray Garries
Global Fenestration Advisors

Fenestration Innovation
Teamwork Makes Perfect Sense

Here’s something you may not know: Steve Jobs and his team did not create the iPod or iPhone, products that made Apple one of the biggest companies in the world. The company, which is now so successful that it’s twice the size of Exxon Mobil and has a market value of $775 billion, had hired help. […]